Rancho San Marcos Golf Club

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Started off the day well with smiling and helpful staff.
Finished the day with our golf cart quitting on the uphill 13th. Hole.
Checked the water level in the batteries under the seat and found only 1 cell out of  24 had water in them.
Amazing it lasted as long as it did. My brother and I pushed and prodded the cart for 2 holes, thankfully down hill
and then we parked it at the 15th green. I am 64 years old but thankfully in good shape so we carried our bags the
rest of the way. When we got back to the clubhouse, I explained  what happened and asked for them to at the very
Least, buy us a beer. The clown at the pro (I use that word laughingly) was too busy filling the coke machine to offer
anything other than, "sorry, I can't do that", and then turned his back on me. It's a good thing my clubs were outside.
I will never play this coarse again. There are too many places to play in San Diego and North County that respect you
and truly appreciate your business. This is obviously NOT one of those courses.
San Marcos Golf Course, YOU SUCK !

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