Rancho Park 3-Par Golf

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I have enjoyed playing this course for a long time. I started playing golf there. The course is excellent for beginners or if you are just starting. It's good for all players whether your a beginner or low handicapper. It's well maintained. It's a good course at a reasonable price and it takes anywhere from a hour to a hour and a half depending on how busy it gets.

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I'm no golfer, let me just say that for starters. And this course is a good one for a starter. You can rent clubs (including leftie clubs) for cheap and the greens are not impossible for an extreme beginner. I thought there would be more alcohol involved but that's ok, I suppose. Kind of close to the street in some parts, so if you have no aim and control of how far you're hitting, you may end up taking out a few cars. There's a good mix of people who are hardcore and just practicing and, well, people like me but we manage to all get along for the most part.

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Very pleasant course in West L.A. Though I'm no Tiger Woods, the course is well-maintained and fun to play. Being a Par 3, it doesn't take too much out of your day (unless you simply can't hit the ball, lol). I like the old timey feel you get at the Clubhouse -- or whatever one calls the building you check in at.

There's a lovely summer program for kids, too, that is super-reasonable and a perfect intro to the game. NOTE: Entrance is the eastern-most driveway.

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I had to write a new review. 2 years ago I thought this course was great. Now 20+ courses on, it is just about average/ above average. The course is not as well maintained as it used to be.

The grass is always wet and soggy. You have to play early as this place gets crazy busy.

Full review with pics and videos is on my website.

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When I first started golfing 14 years ago, I played only this course exclusively.  I have played this course over 100 times.  It used to be impeccably maintained.  It has gone downhill over the years.

If you are even a moderately good golfer, it is a good place to work on your short game.  But go early in the morning.  There are some serious golfers on the course in the morning who play quickly and with proper etiquette.

In the afternoon, it is a different story.  You get a lot of people who have never golfed.  I teed off yesterday at 3:00, and the round took about two hours.  It would have taken longer, but a twosome in front of us walked off at hole 5 due to slow play. A guy in our group walked off after the third hole, because it took about 45 minutes to play the first 3 holes.  I saw one group of people who were golfing as a 6-some, who had rented clubs and probably have never played before.  There were some white trash golfers who were drinking and lighting off fireworks.  Unfortunately, these are examples of a regular afternoon at the Rancho par 3.

Also, the starter who works in the afternoon is cranky, and somewhat disoriented, and he makes no effort to pair up people, so you may get a two some followed by a foursome followed by a single, etc.

I would give this place a 4 in the morning, and a 1 in the afternoon. I would avoid it after about 1 altogether.

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