Race Brook Country Club

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Very Well maintained and clean, this course could challenge you for a long time.  The course is a great blend of medium-width fairways, plenty of large green-side bunkers to ensure you're fine tuning your approach shots. To boot,  a fair mix of moderate to difficult greens (#2, a tricky green'ed par 3 -  if you pass by the hole by an inch, you'll pass it by 6 feet.)  will hold your putting accountable. Compaired to most courses' greens I play near DC, I'd call them relatively fast.

There are plenty of changes in elevation - there are back to back par 3's that go up 50 feet, and then down 70ft. Additionally, the layout is nice: you never really have to worry what the golfers on the next tee are doing, as with some tighter courses I've played.
The track has enough distance to certainly challenge mid to low handicappers.

The clubhouse amenities are nice by all accounts the teaching pro is excellent (don't know first hand, but heard from several people).  While I was just a guest, it sounds that there is a nice and active social life with the club, and not a trace of being stuffy/snooty that you sometimes get with country clubs.  Even as guests, every member greeted us warmly and with a smile.  Staff was courteous; water was plentiful on the course - at least at every other hole.  

There are no on site pool or tennis courts. Probably a good thing because then the dues and other income for the club are primarly directed to the reason most folks are there: good golf!

Beginning golfers would probably need to go elsewhere (unless they are willing to place their balls with their playing companions or pick up)   - as the course will be too challenging and you'd end up slowing pace - which is a brisk 4 hours, as it is with most country clubs.

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