Raccoon International Golf Club

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Racoon International Golf Club may be a slightly misleading name for this place.  Don't get me wrong, I really do drive 45 mintues each way at least a few times a month to get here for a mid-week round - even with gas prices skyhigh.  You can afford to do that when a round of 18 holes including the cart is only $18.  That's right.  Eighteen Dollars!

The course does reflect the price and it is not quite as nice as some of the Columbus public tracks, but I far prefer the atmosphere at the Coon over Raymond Memorial or the Airport course.  The staff is by far the friendliest I have encountered in the area, and while there are no bev-cart girls to bring you beers while playing they are more than happy to pack some brews in ice and get you a fresh one when you make the turn.

For those of you that think you can smack a golf ball you have to play here at least once, if only for the 17th hole - a 666 yard par 5.  It's not often that after two killer golf shots you still find yourself reaching for a 6 iron just to reach the green.

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