Quail Valley Golf Course

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not much better than cow pasture... Lady in office is very rude and loud. I will never go there again...The  review must have been written by owner... This is the worst course I've ever played and the greens are just regular grass totally unkept.......... the review my cord n is a phony, must be by the owner. the place sucks from start to finish ... the lady is the office needs anger managment. The best hole is number 1 cause it's the only one you can see when buy a round. the rest are like a washboard. my clubs kept shacky and raddeling out of the cart

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We are used to the laid back style of this course but  never again not after today. Today our family went to play the 9 hole as we have many times in the past. We are avid golfers belonging to Alta Sierra for more than 10 years. This is the course that we go for short games and to help our children learn. When we arrived the lady began to inform us of the rules of the game, when based on her age we have many more years of experience and the fact that my father who was there had been a Marshall at one time was not a factor. Her own etiquette was much to be desired. We did admit that one person was there as more of coach- who was injured - to help our children- without clubs- this was our error. My 74 year old dad- playing for than 50 years- was simply injured. That aside we were told that this courses rules were more strict than Alta Sierra- and when my husband finally asked do you want to refund our money- this woman who had none on  the course at 10:00 AM on a Saturday said yes that's what she wanted to do in the beginning. Why would we ever come back and why would we ever recommend this. It is not family oriented; they would rather scold players, and show our children how not  to act professionally. To make matters worse this was part of our 9 year olds birthday this year, the foursome have come home to play Alta Sierra who are always great.

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The first Review from Golfer Samantha just makes me laugh out loud!  Stick to doing your nails and playing with barbie-dolls.

There is some amazing local Charm at this place. How many 9th holes do you know that require you to loft t he ball over an old barn?

Buy a few beers inside, hit a bucket of balls, rent a cart and play 9-holes all for under $25.   I think it is about $8 to play a round of 9 and walk the course and about $3 for a bucket of balls. They also have a grill, rent clubs, sell balls etc. (small club shop, bar/grill all in one).

I have been playing Quail Valley for years. I must admit I am not too good at the sport, thus I stick to the 9-hole pitch and put type places.

Not the Smoothest of Greens and depending on the weather the Fairways can be a little soggy, but you are outside in beautiful Nevada County and the surroundings are brilliant!

Not a place to take a high-maintenance snobby golfer, who is accustomed to country club type places. This is a laid back approach to the sport and a great way to spend a few hours in the sun.

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Yuck. Muddy course, fairways overwatered and rude staff. Although it is a cheap for golf, it would only be worth it if it were free! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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