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We have played walking golf for many years at various venues but unfortunately this weekend was our first and last time we will play at this course.  Everyone we came into contact with here were very rude - from the cashier in the pro shop to the arrogant golfers both behind and in front of us.  Well, everyone except one individual who just happened to say hi in the parking lot when we finished.  We immediately came to the conclusion that it was probably because we didn't fit the overall clientele, which seemed to be rich, expert golfers who can afford to come regularly.

The challenging course trailed up foothills, down valleys, over lakes and across marshes.  Don't come here if you're expecting a walk in the park, and be prepared to lose a few balls.  The #5 hole was so confusing to find, since the other fairways are loosely scattered around making it look like you're hitting in a different area.

The one star is for the beautiful view of the valley, which is unbeatable.

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Great value for this well kept course. The first five holes are designed strictly for iron play and placement and then the course opens up.  Lots of elevation changes hitting up into greens in canyons and hitting down into greens in valleys. Very fun hitting off tee box #18 (picture posted). I would definitely play this course again. Oh, the greens are fast and remember to play double the break in the greens that you perceive.

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The second hole is a jaw dropper!  WOW!  Several neat holes here but drags on around 8 and 9.  A good challenging course, probably a little more for the advanced player.  Still a fun one.  A slight air of pretentiousness floats around, but hey, this ain't the Olympics, folks!  Nice locker rooms and rates were OK considering the course.

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If you like elevation change and assume scenery, this place is great. The course is in great shape and everyone was friendly. Would play again, if I am in the area. The overview of the course from the 18th tee is like none other, that I have experienced. I would not recommend walking this course, unless you are in top shape.

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**First my disclaimer. I'm not a serious golfer. I don't speak the lingo and don't even pretend to be a poser.  People make fun of my old school clubs and I rarely stay even slightly sober on the course. That being said, I can at least hold my own on the course and know how to have a good time out there.**

I don't visit Boise and immediately think 'Yeah, I'm in Boise, let's go play golf' because there are too many other fun things to do in that town.  But I've played twice there over the years and both times were at Quail Hollow. I'll have to say this is one of my favorite courses I've ever played for the following reasons:

1) the staff is cool (except the guy who gave us shit for combining our two four-somes on the 18th hole - he was a tool)
2) the course is well laid out and fun to play with some really amazing scenery and views
3) it's not a tough course overall but there are some challenging holes
4) everything is clean and well maintained

My only recommendation for the folks at Quail Hollow - get a bar!

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