Prestwick Golf Club

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Still a Great Golf Course for being Surrounded by Houses allot of nice Holes some easy and some Not So, Be careful though allot of Old Slow Players Here that Live on the Course We were stuck behind a Foursome that the Average age was Also their Score after 18! We had to wait 10 plus Minuets after each Shot even after calling the Ranger And he said we were Rite on Pace Guess the new pace for 18 is 5.25 hrs No one in front of them and the Ranger Said we could not play through

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I've played at Wedgewood since it opened and the golf course has improved tremendously over the years. The current owners have improved the maintenance and amenities - along with the pricing. Always an enjoyable round here.

If you are looking for food after your round, I'd suggest that you try one of the nearby restaurants in Woodbury or Oakdale. Prestwick does have an Axel's Restaurant in the clubhouse, but the last time I played, my lunch came to about the same cost as my 18 hole round. Not that it was bad at all, but mediocre at a premium price.

I'll return for the golf, but will skip lunch.

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excellent course out there about 40 minutes from minneapolis.  i donated a bunch of money to 3 different causes and my company was invited to play the course in the summer time.  the weather was very, very good when we played but they did warn that, even in july, it sometimes rains so "be prepared to play through inclement weather" ... that's what they said - which was hardly a comforting notion.  but the clouds came in just enough to make it warm without being hot and the sun came out just enough to make it enjoyable without being scorching.  late july, i think, is the optimal time to play.

the course itself is in amazing shape. absolutely no complaints. the greens were pristine.  the holes were, in general, pretty challenging as the fairways were often very narrow even if the holes were very long. and the out-of-bounds where tight sometimes on both the left and the right even on some of the par 5's.  the greens however were huge so i was hitting a lot of greens even though i wasn't very close to the pin. so you can't always reliably 2-putt even if you get on the green in regulation because you might be 60+ feet.  the rough was not bad at all so you can pretty much get your 3 iron through but you can't always trudge a wood to get to a ball.  however, we played a scramble and could re-place the ball to make it easier to get to if we got in the rough.  

there's a little water here and there, a lot of sand, tons of out of bounds but overall a nicely set-up course.  i would highly recommend it if you're thinking about hitting the links in the MN area.  the pro shop seems small but functional, just like the snack bar so i can't speak too much for the other services beyond the course as everything was catered and taken care of for our charity tournament.  however, i can comment that the employees were attentive to the benefactors and the event was very professionally done.

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I attended a wedding reception here recently, so this review is not for the golf course, but for their banquet space.  I didn't eat here so I cannot comment on the food (although I saw what the guests were served and it all looked very shiny with butter).  
My feedback is purely based on the layout of the banquet room.  Each and every doorway of the banquet room was lined with busing carts, creating an absolute clusterf*ck at every turn.  I'd like to give the person who thought this was a good idea a piece of my mind.  
I'd give them only one star, but I did like the seating area by the fireplace.

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I practically grew up on this golf course, so for me, it's a 5, but i'll try to be as objective as possible.

It's an 18 hole course, and I find it pretty interesting. There's water hazards, hills, out of bounds, sand traps, etc.  A couple of the holes have two very different tee placement options (i.e today you might tee off beind the water, tomorrow you might tee off to the side of the water), which keeps things interesting, if you play here often.

The course is pretty well maintained.  They usually upgrade one hole per year, and that hole tends to be worse than the rest (one year, for most of the season, one of the par threes had a 'fake green'  while its permanent green was reshaped, which was just awful, but the rest of the course was in great shape).

There are permanent port-a-potties halfway through each 9.  There's water every 3 holes or so.  The course is walkable. There's a good-sized practice green.  There are two driving range areas, I think the far range is members only (but it's no nicer than the public range!).

A few years back, they took out the snack bar and replaced it with Axel's, a 'fine-dining' restaurant.  Which is fine, except that between nines I want a Coke or hotdog, not seared scallops.  One of the planned improvements for 2008 is to install an outdoor snackbar, but I'm not sure when it will be completed.

I see two main downsides. First, the price.  I hear Eagle Valley is almost as nice and a lot cheaper (but I've never played there).  I think twilight play is a good choice - twilight starts about 4 hours before sundown, super twilight 2 hours. If you get one of the first teetimes in twilight you can definitely finish 18 or 9 at a pretty good discount.  

Second, they take a lot of tournaments and leagues.  The tournaments will take a block of time during the day.  Most leagues are weekly and in the early evening.  So, if you are booking an evening tee-time, I recommend asking if you're going out after a league (since they can be slow).

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