Presidio Golf Course

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I've played the Presidio Golf Course more than any other course...  Be sure to sign up for their email club, they send out weekly specials with great deals on tee-times, especially early morning weekdays..  It's really best to play the Presidio on weekdays; there's much less people on the course, it's cheaper, and it's right here in SF..  I've actually just gotten done with my morning round at the Presidio -- 6am tee time, done with 18 holes by 9am, and we were the 2nd group off today...  Not a bad way to start the day..

The course itself is very hilly (even the tee boxes don't seem flat) and challenging, though it sees a TON of play so it's usually quite beat up.  There's no water anywhere (though the course doesn't drain very well, so it's always wet and puddly in places).  There are huge trees everywhere, especially if you stray off the fairway..  

All in all, the presidio occupies a special place in my heart, I only wish it was in better shape...

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THis one falls inbetween Harding & Lincoln.  It feels more like a private club than Lincoln and is better maintained, but is not nearly as nice as Harding.  The course is a bit hilly and narrow in places, I wouldn't want to walk it, and longer than Lincoln.  The resident card doesn't get you much of a discount, so be preparred to shell out about 90 on the weekends unless you take an internet deal.  Bottom line:  I tried it, its ok, I'll stick to Harding & Lincoln.

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