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What an amazing course!   Completely unique and original layout.   I try to play here at least once or twice a month.  The Pro Shop guys are always cool and very helpful.  GPS on the carts is such a convenience.   Great range to warm up on or just work on your swing.   Starters are friendly and very professional.  I would give the course a 5/5 hands down if it weren't for the greens.  They roll fine and look good but they are SLOOOOOWWWW.    Other than that, a perfect golf day

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One of my favorite short courses I've ever played.  This course would be 5 stars in my book if they could just figure out their greens.  Even when they are in good shape they are the slowest greens of any reputable course that I've played in the bay area.  They are just finishing up renovations of the tee boxes and bunkers and hopefully the greens will be next as this is a gem waiting to be discovered.  Definitely looking forward to my next round there.

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Just finished playing Presidio as a non-SF resident and I can't decide if this was the worst all time use of my money or the second.  It's definitely one of those.   $157 a round.   One.  Hundred. Fifty. Seven.   You read that right.  Do not let the website or the proximity to the city fool you into thinking you should play here.  Unless you have zero regard for the game of golf or yourself.   To start the day, you'll begin at a driving range with mats.   Not grass - mats.   The only thing worse for your clubs than hitting off the mats is the actual tee boxes on the course.   If you told me Presidio employed a groundskeeper I wouldn't believe you.   And then I would text my friends about the idiot I just ran into and what you just said.  During your round, you'll see about 30 Rangers and none of them will be concerned about pace of play.   It took us over 5 hours.   Maybe that's how they determined the rates to charge?  Playing this course and the disappointment I felt must have been what is was like in Cleveland in 2010 when LeBron announced he was going to Miami.

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The only decent outdoor public golf range available in San Francisco (Harding has a small one), Presidio has some of the best facilities you will find for a great day of golf.  

A full bar at the 19th hole, a driving range, restaurant and cafe, pro shop and professional golf instruction make the Presidio a great destination.  Do you know that the Presidio is the oldest if not one of the oldest golf courses west of the Mississippi?  This used to be a private course for most of the officers.  As a kid I was allowed to walk on and caddy for some of the officers (and learn dirty jokes). Today the course is pen to the public although reservations are highly recommended several weeks in advance especially on weekends.

With San Francisco weather, the course is open year round and also serves as a great little place to get a drink at night.  Course weather can vary and is rarely shorts weather.  The range is from 50 - 80 degrees with wind.   It is hilly, so carts are highly recommended to keep play moving.

The course itself sets up nicely.  The front and back nines are switched from the original format to accommodate the new club house when you finish the round.  DO NOT mistake the old clubhouse for the pro shop where you check in.  The old clubhouse belongs to the Presidio Golf CLUB, not the Presidio Golf COURSE.  The only setback of this revised layout is that you get a short dogleg right for a 1st hole rather than the majestic par 5 that is now the 10th.

As the course sits along the bay, the humidity is high and the winds are pretty blustery out of the west.  If you are a traditional high ball hitter, you might employ more of a bump and run game like you would on a links course in Northern Europe.  The greens tend to be slower because of all the moisture from the area.  The course also lays out well for right-handers who like to move the ball from left to right.  Only the 11th hole slightly favors those who play a draw.

There are snack carts on the course, but you will find a great snack shack and bathroom at the 4th, 11tth and 16th holes for your convenience.  

There is an ATM in the clubhouse should you lose your shirt to your friends while gambling on the course.   If taking the bus.  Take the 1 California to Arguello Blvd and walk up the hill north for 4 blocks.

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Really enjoyed playing this course. Overall fairly straight away fairways but the trees and rolling hills create a challenge. Course is in great shape even in a drought. Absolutely love that they marshal the pace of play. I'll come back just for that reason. Also If your not from the area be prepared for a lot colder weather. Highly recommended.

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