Portland Meadows Golf Course

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This course is garbage, it is what it is. It's a beginners course. You bring a kid, a first timer or if you just plain suck you come here to work on your short game.

This course isn't super hard, very straight and no doglegs. The ground is very hard so if you tee it up you might end up watching your ball roll fast. The greens are a little challenging so I'll give them credit.

I was here because I figure my GF needed to know what it's like to hit off real grass and not off turf. So this course was right up her alley because it's a simple course.

Costs is $12.00, $2.00 with a cart. So if your short game sucks or your learning the game this course will be a help.

Oh. and there are a few sand traps, but watch out for the sand outside the course, there happens to be a horse track...wtf? :P

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