Pontiac Municipal Golf Course

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Think Pontiac, then think golf, and you get a picture of something ugly. BUTTTTTTT, this place is great. Layed out in a way which doesn't help the walkers on the front 9, but if you play the 18 holes you get a mix of long drivable holes on the front 9 with lots of open space, and then a super tight back 9. The island hole is fun. BE CAREFUL, if you slice and are a long driver, you run the risk of shattering some condo windows! lol. All in all a great challenge, (some holes play way shorter than they seem, some longer) and a very well kept and maintained golf course for being a MUNICIPAL course. They guy at the counter (dont remember his name ) is funny and honest, so if you have any questions, the staff is always there to help.

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