Ponkapoag Golf Course

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Absolutely the worst course In the state. This dump makes the norwood cc look like pebble beach. I know it's cheap but c'mon. The fairways have no grass...the greens are beat up...the tee boxes are weeds and the ground is hard as a rock. Just a brutal place.  Avoid.

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Cheap and terrible... but you already knew that.

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This course is fairly cheap with relatively lax rules regarding open containers. Prices are very reasonable here. Greens are often beat up a bit. I'll probably come back here.

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For all those out of staters, or first timers, we are talking about hallowed ground here.
Ponky has been as much of our lives as our first kiss, our first Bud, or our first car...
She is the grandmother we always come back to visit. I first played here when I was about 9 years old. CYO tournies, N E Juniors, lots of rounds and memories. Ponky helped shape my golf and my upbringing.
Think of a painting hanging on the wall, Some people see just a canvas strewn with paint. Others, find a vision of deep beauty, a swan rather than a duck.
Look around next time you play Ponky. She may be a duck to you, but I see the swan everytime I go.

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I will never play here again. The course could be great - it's got "great bones" as they say about houses - but the upkeep is atrocious. Fairways ran the gamut from muddy to sandy to just plain NOT THERE - that's right, on two holes (the 17th being one) there were simply NO fairways, just a collection of weeds, crabgrass, and shorter rough down the middle of the hole.  

A few good holes along the back nine and a $30 weekend fee for 18 holes do not make up for the ABYSMAL wait times on every hole while playing behind very bad golfers who took 5-7 practice swings, only to hit 15-yard dribblers. This was the rule, rather than the exception, as I saw multiple groups with these sorts of players.  

Staff was friendly but not golf-intelligent, they are employees of the Dept of Conservation and Recreation as the course is on public land in the Blue Hills. There was one super cute girl at the snack bar, which was nice.

  Greens were good, rough was alright, sand traps were an embarrassment - not well-defined, concrete and rock showing through in some places. Also, a ton of blind tee shots which is really tough to deal with on a new course. There were also massive drainage pipes just sitting behind several greens, along with a large amount of standing water and muck.

 If you want to play a quick 9 after work, this might be ok, provided no one else is there, but I'm guessing you'll be dealing with a long wait for a very poorly maintained golf course.

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