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When it comes to golf, Point Mallard Golf Course might be the best value in North Alabama.

The most important thing to some is probably the condition of the course. For that, Point Mallard gets 4.75 stars. Every now and then, you can find a dirt spot on the fairway. I think this might happen when it gets pretty wet out there, then a puddle of water might dry up and leave said dirt spot in the fairway. This isn't on every hole and it's probably not common that you hit your drive in the fairway and leave it sitting in the dirt spot. I'm not saying this is the grounds crew's fault, it probably just comes with the territory.

Other than that, the course is in excellent shape and would have gotten five stars from me. The greens are near immaculate. The tee boxes are nice. The bunkers are nice. The fairway is nice. It's all nice and the crew obviously does a great job.

As for scenery, Point Mallard gets 5 stars - it's gorgeous. There's plenty of water and scenery around the course including trees, squirrels (they equate to nature right?), and the Tennessee River. When the leaves change the course is especially beautiful around the first and fourth hole. My favorite hole is number eight - a par three over water.

The playability of Point Mallard is a five. The course can be a little long but not too much for the common golfer to overcome. A lot of the tee shots are straight with just a couple of slight doglegs mixed in. There are no blind tee shots that I can recall.

As for price, Point Mallard also gets a five. Of course prices may change, but last I recall, 18 holes walking is $22.

If you plan on playing Point Mallard Golf Course frequently, I suggest joining and becoming a member. It's $600 for one year and that will cover you to walk the course 7 days a week at no extra charge. A cart is $12. If you want 5 days a week (minus weekends) it's $400. Also, if you've never joined before, they will prorate your membership based on when you join.

When you join, you also become a member of the North Alabama Public Golf Association which entitles you to play 5 other courses, once a month, at only the price of the cart. Those courses are Cullman, Goose Pond, Gunter's Landing, Cypress Lakes, and Southern Gayles.

For those concerned about playing the same course a lot, that's five other courses you can play once a month, at just the cost of the cart - something I wish I took more advantage of.

I joined Point Mallard Golf Course and I must say, I love being able to drive over, check-in, and play a round of golf (walking) at no cost.

Five stars for Point Mallard Golf Course. It's as nice as some of the more expensive courses at a pretty good price. That combination equals great value.

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