Pleasant Ridge Golf Course

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I agree with the other reviewer.

Course:  The front half is very easy, wide open.  Only the first hole has water off the back of the green.  The back half is very different - more water, more challenging shots though the fairways are still pretty wide.  The grass on fairways should probably be shorter.  Lots of hills so many holes you're looking up or down toward the holes which add to the challenge.

Greens: In good shape and consistent throughout the course.

Overall: This is a great course for beginners or the casual golfer.  Competitive golfers will likely find this not very challenging but it's just right for beginners/casual golfers.

Cost: I played for 25 dollars on a weekday afternoon with the cart.  Maybe a little bit expensive for the course but overall worth it.

Cart paths desperately need repair - roots from trees have pulled them up at several points, lots of breaks in the path and bumps.  On the 8th hole while driving, my bag came off the cart hitting a bump and I didnt know it until I got to my ball haha.  No damage done though.

I will definitely golf here again.

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This is a great course for new golfers. Easy play nice greens and fairways. 5 stars for someone looking for a quick easy round. Serious golfers would give it 2 or 1 stars. Nice staff. Only gripe is the cart paths need repair. You are better off driving on the grass.

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