Plausawa Valley Country Club

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I recently played at this course and really enjoyed myself. The staff was friendly and the greens were nice. The back nine needed some work after this winter but I was told they are fixing it up. Great price and food. Def check it out.

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This course is now called Pembroke Pines. I played this course at about 8:30 AM on a Monday in April. I pretty much had the course to myself to start since it's early in the season. I wound up here because of a deal they had going on. I paid $30 for all you can play all day with a cart.

The front nine was quite well maintained especially for this time of year. It is pretty wide open and flat links style golf. Not too much trouble to speak of. A bunker here and there. Not much water at all. Would be a good 9 for a beginner. 1 or maybe 2 temp greens when I played on the front 9. They had just opened up the back 9 with all temporary greens the day I played and my original intention was to just stick to the front. I went around the front twice. At one point I had a quick talk with a local who described the back 9 as a "freak show" so I said what the hell I will check it out.

I drove my cart down a dirt path through the woods for a couple of minutes and eventually came upon the 10th hole. The back nine is tight, heavily wooded, and very hilly. The polar opposite of the front nine. The condition of the back 9 was poor at best. However, a member I spoke to claimed that it does get very very nice back there as the season goes on. I can see how the back 9 would be pretty fun to play, and it's nice to have some variety.

I went into the bar/grill after 36 holes and had a beer and a cheeseburger. I was surprised by the cheeseburger, it was excellent. Usually the golf course food options are pretty mediocre.  There's a pool table up there and windows that overlook the 9th hole.

Even though the back 9 was in rough rough shape, how could I complain about all you can eat with a cart for $30. Doesn't get too much better than that. I think I will be coming back to Pembroke Pines later in the season, I am really curios to see how the back 9 comes along.

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An excellent course nestled in the river valley area south of Concord, Plausawa (never can spell that right), offers you a golf experience that is maybe best described as a split personality. The front nine offers a fairly standard, links-esque type course. There are plenty of wide open holes on this side where you can give the big stick a workout, and is bookended with two par 5's that are reachable in two if you hit it fairly long and straight.

When you make the turn, that's where things start to get interesting. Whereas the front nine is open, the back nine is extremely tight. The back was truly carved out of the forest, making for really challenging play heading back to the clubhouse. Another difference that you'll notice between the two sides is with the green layouts. Front side greens are fairly vanilla...flat, normal sized, and easy to read for the most part. On the back they really went to town with some huge greens that afford you double or even triple breaker putts if you land it on the edge. It is very easy to three putt here if you're not on your game.

People looking for a standard 18 holes will likely find Plausawa a little frustrating. However, I find the different nines a nice change from what you typically see out there.

Recently they have been offering some stellar deals through their email marketing, even on the weekends ($20 to walk 18 on a Saturday -- unheard of in this area). Generally with such great deals you're looking at a course that is not maintained well. This is not the case with Plausawa...they take really good care of the course, even on the back where you would assume keeping the forest-lined holes would be challenging. Kudos to the management for that.  

So if you're looking for a fun 18 holes that will challenge you, I recommend giving Plausawa Valley a try. Just use that first nine to warm up, because you'll need to be at your best to go low on the back. Good luck.

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