Plantation Golf Club

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I consider myself pretty athletic. I am blessed, I can pick up any sport and be decent at it. Golf... Not so much. On the range I was decent and got my swing down pretty quick. Once we got on the course it was a whole other ball game... I was terrible. We had to let people skip us and everything...Thank you to every golfer who passed me and didn't make fun of me!

I am definitely no golf course expert, but I have been to quite a few courses. The course was muddy in a lot of spots and the range is pretty beat up. There's no grass left on the designated range area to practice with my pitching wedge (golf term..), which is frustrating. They have the range area taped off with some sort of plastic rope, which I hit multiple times... I'm sure a decent golfer wouldn't be as frustrated with the tape...

They will give you plenty of range balls. I got a large bucket of range balls and multiple men said "that's a lot of balls to hit for a little girl like you..." So I just smiled and replied "it's going to take 10x this to make me a decent golfer..." It was expensive to golf on the weekends! I definitely will be going here often, because its not usually over crowded and its 5 minutes from my house. I'd definitely check it out, but it is no Mirimichi!

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If you are just looking to get a round of golf in, this place will do just fine. The course layout is not too long, and mostly straight, with plenty of open space for errant shots. A few of the approaches require more precision, and event though the course was pretty wet the green were still quite fast.

The cons:  No carts to the range, so if you don't know where you are going, you could end up carrying the clubs all around a bit more than you may like. But on the positive, the buckets are plenty big.

Bottom line, solid golf destination in Memphis area, but I think you can you can do better for the money.

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