Pismo State Beach Golf Course

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I come here every week to play golf! So much fun, great price and I like to end my round at fins with a drink and appetizer looking over the beach, it doesn't get any better then that!

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Nice par 3 course your sure to enjoy. It's fun the course is maintained well and u can usually make 9 holes in about an hour good times

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So...we're in the area for a week's getaway. We stop to go in the clubhouse to check on pricing and to make sure they don't have any local engagements coming up the next day. I was told about the green fees and the fact that if you start after 1 p.m., the golf is unlimited. In fact, someone had made a basic computerized "poster" saying the same. What a great deal! We exchanged pleasantries and left to come back the next day.
My wife and I got there about 1:45, I went in to pay, and a different man greeted me and said, "Two seniors with a cart -- that's $26."  
"Great!" says I, and off we went, thoroughly enjoying the easy and relaxed nature of our surroundings (not a competitive course, by any means). We stop to take a quick potty-stop after nine holes and start to head back out. The man at the counter says, "All done?" I smiled and said that we were going to try another nine. He looked at me in all seriousness and started rubbing his fingers together in that universal $ sign. I reminded him that we started well after 1 p.m., thinking that this was just a simple mistake on his part. He said that the unlimited golf was only if you paid full price, not the senior rate. I pointed to the sign and noted the "After 1 p.m. -- Unlimited Golf", to which he pointed at a different homemade poster confirming what he had just said. I suggested that they might want to either verbally express the rule or make a different sign that included both statements for clarification. (I'm sure he appreciated that. ;-) I then offered to pay the difference so we could get back out to playing.
He said, "Nope. Gotta pay full price now."
I tried to reason with him, expecting some common courtesy for an out-of-towner, be had none of it. He even started to raise his voice...along with me.

You be the judge -- asshole?...or just doing his job?

Save yourself the headache of mediocrity (both with the course and its unfortunate employee) and head up the coast just a bit to Sea Pines. Much better experience all the way around.

Thanks for listening...and letting me blow off some steam.

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2 stars, but I am a tough critic (I've played Oakmont, Shinnecock Hills, Cypress Point, Augusta National back in 02', and a load of other top notch courses)

The pros:
-Fun par 3; 100-200 yard
-Only $12 for normal price, unlimited play after 1PM
-Great for chipping
-4 or less clubs needed to play (7,8,PW,P)
-Grounds crew keeps it decently maintained
-Right by the beach (minimal to no visibility but I could hear waves)

The cons:
-Greens are extremely slow (-1 star)
-Only 9 holes (-.5 star)
-May be confusing for new players (bring the player card/map)
-No driving range
-No sand traps (-.5 star)
-Practice green poorly maintained, attendent turned on sprinkler while putting (-.5 star)
-Poor customer service (I'll explain, -.5 star)

Overall, not a bad par 3 course. It is conveniently located near my neighborhood in Grover Beach and not many people were playing at sunrise on a weekday. Other than the slow greens and other aforementioned cons, the only real issue that I experienced may be due to miscommunication. As a first time player at this location, it was my understanding that a full round is 18 holes; front 9 red tees, back 9 white tees as clearly depicted on the player card/map. Unfortunately as I prepped to begin the back 9, the attendant blasted several innappropriate comments; apparently Hal or Al thought I was trying to pull a fast one. Looking back I can understand his position, however I take it personal when my integrity is challenged - especially over a loud speaker and with his choice of words. I addressed the situation and we chalked it up to be miscommunication, but no customer should be treated in that manner.

In short, I recommend this par 3, 9-hole course if you are looking for a relaxing way to spend the morning. I might play again.

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This s quick little 9 hole, right off the state beach in Pismo, its $12 or $13 to play, and its a great course. Scenic, flat, and not too difficult, you'll see a lot of retiree's here, and if you're teaching a small child golf, this is an OK place to bring them to learn the course, as its often deserted and the holes are all 3 pars with only 1 having a significant water obstacle.

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