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The dining room continues to disappoint. The only consistency is the poor service. Service is agonizingly slow while the servers chat amount themselves. I know they have tried to improve the food, thus the two stars, but how hard is it to train people that customers should be greeted immediately and brought a drink and menu within a couple minutes. This really seems to be more of a bar atmosphere. I can't figure out why the tables inside and out are never very clean? If there is any kind of event going on it only worsens which just shows lack of preparation and planning.

There is no marshall on the course so golfers are allowed to be extremely rude and loud and drunk as they pull up right next to where you are golfing. Swearing is usually involved as they voice their displeasure in having to wait for you. Everyone knows who they are and nothing is ever done about it, even if you lodge a complaint.

Seniors are treated badly which surprises me. The club offers a reduced fee membership but then they are treated like second class citizens when they should be revered as the founding members they are that have paid for so many improvements over the years. Where is the respect for the elders?

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Just enjoyed a round of 18 holes today at the Pinery. First time and I know it won't be my last. Very fun, good course. Challenging, yet not to difficult. Had a big group and everyone was having a blast. Good service.

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The PInery Country Club has been reborn with the new ownership in the past few years and I was astounded at the difference to what I experienced when I was a member back in the 90's.

It used to be more of an "old boys club" but no more.. There are fun events for kids, teens and yes... ladies at this country club now! Movie nights in the tennis bubble, fun  and friendly golf tournaments for everyone, and the golf course is of course lovely.  The clubhouse was demolished and completely rebuilt as well as a new fitness center complete with an in house personal trainer and fitness classes. The pool area was also renovated. The food? Well it's simply fantastic! Their appetizers area great! We particularly liked the lettuce wraps and flatbread.

During the winter months you can do things like wine tasting's, member/ chef night where a member of the club plans and orchestrates with the chef and the kitchen staff. What fun! Again there are things for kids to do, craft nights, sleepovers in the bubble etc.

Their Easter, Mothers Day and Christmas brunches have been legendary for years and luckily they still are.  If you are looking for a place to plugin, meet people, and have things to do with your family then you should give the Pinery a look.

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We have been members at PCC for almost 6 years now and it is our home away from home!  The club has amazing activities for families and couples.  Of course the golf and tennis are the reasons we joined, but it has become our mecca for fun, food, and good times with friends!

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My folks newly became members here and Love it.

The women's locker room was very clean and well stocked. The whole place has a friendly and outdoorsy Colorado feel, which I appreciate.

The driving range and the putting greens were well kept. The grass always greener too.

We ate lunch at the restaurant on a lovely afternoon. Sat outside, sipped Arnold Palmers of course. Their homemade chips/fries are amazing. The sandwiches and salads, also good. I heard they might be switching chefs, so a new review will be in store soon.

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