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I have golfed at this course several times when I have no where else to go and have to play alone.  It's 18 holes, and not maintained well.  Tight compact layout.  Very wet at times.  Greens are ok, rough is long, fairways are ok.  They have a restaurant and driving range.  I haven't used either.

It is under new management.  My reason for writing this is my bad experience there yesterday.  I paid for 18 holes and a cart.  The young man in the club house after I asked why there was a note that the course was opened on the day before mentioned that they had aerated the greens on the back side.  I didn't pay too much attention to it because I have played on a ton of courses where the greens were aerated and besides the greens being bumpy, sandy, and slow, there was no problem.  Well starting at the first hole and for the three holes that I played, the greens were unplayable (aerated and the plugs were left on their surface.  So I hit to the green and moved on.  On the third hole, the greens keeper was performing the aeration.  Because he was actively working on it, I played my second shot to the trap in front and well to the left of where he was.  When I went to recover my ball, he was angry because I hit the ball in his direction, and wanted to know why.  I have never been treated like this before.  There are always workers on golf courses, doing lot's of different things.  They stop what they are doing, let you hit, watch where the ball is going in case it heads for them, then go about there business.  Needless to say I returned to the club house, and got a refund.  The young man was apologetic, and I hope he passed the word on the management and to other players (about the greens).

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Pinecrest is under new management.  And rates have gone up!  Junior rates for 9 holes went from $16 to $19.  My boys went there this morning.  We checked the website and rates before they left and they were still quoted at $16.  We tried calling but no one answered the phone.  When the boys arrived a woman charged them $23!  When the boys told her that the website stated $16, she told them that there was a new website now and the old one hadn't been taken down.  And she charged them Holiday rates! Today happens to be Good Friday but Good Friday is not a Federal Holiday.  No other area golf club was enforcing holiday rates today.   My boys and their friends have been playing Pinecrest for years. This is no way to secure customers.  And this course needs an extensive amount of work, too.  It is not worth paying the high prices.  Don't waste your money here, folks.  Take your business elsewhere!

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This course is in tough shape. The front nine is shoehorned into an area that should hold 6 holes. Holes and tee boxes are very close together and you're guaranteed to get a drive hit at you.  Like the other review noted, this place is routinely water logged.  Lastly, the staff is typical muni: generally indifferent to your business, and sometimes arrogant and seemingly put off that your there to play a round. There are better choices.

Update: Perhaps I was a bit harsh.  There are some good things, front nine notwithstanding.  Love that the driving range is grass and fairly well-priced.  Greens fees at $32 during the weekend prime time is cheap compared to other surrounding public courses.  Lastly, the food at Pinecrest's 19th Hole is pretty good.  The deck is a great place to grab a beer after a round.  

Glen Ellen CC is a major step up and is only a few miles from Pinecrest.  It is more expensive however.

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I played here recently and came away shaking my head about this golf course.  The conditions were in a single word "horrible".  The day we played the course was 75% standing water and mud.  Ducks were swimming in the middle of the 11th fairway looking for mating territory I do think.

The tees looked like they haven't been moved all season and are hacked up.  What really irritates me most is absurd number of blind tee shots to fairways you can't see from the tee, and too many trees that block your drives.  The maintenance needs to cut back many of the trees and overhanging branches that foul the course.  Any errant shots into the woods are certain to be lost in thick briars.  There is no chance finding your ball. Absolutely none.

The front 9 layout here is a joke and pathetic mish mash of holes of par 3s and short par 4s.  The only saving factor is the condition of the greens which are solid and rolled true.  The back nine layout was better, but conditions remained poor.  I would not return to Pinecrest again..

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