Pine Oaks Golf Course

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Went to Joe and Leighs to pick up a new 5 wood. (Thats the pro-shop here). It was a Monday afternoon and didn't look like there were too many people playing this course so I figured hey I got some time why not try out the new club and play nine holes. I payed, only $23 bucks and was on my way to the first tee. Got there and there was 5 about 12 year olds waiting. The starter says ok I am gonna split these guys up you can go with two of them. Eh all set with playing with 2 12 year olds. So I said hey how bout I just tee off and let them go behind me....he says no. I said ok well I am gonna go get my money back then I really wanted to play through and don't want to play with a couple 12 year olds. He grunts and says ok just tee off and get moving. No big deal. The condition of the course was great, the play was a little slow but its all good. I only needed to use a driver on 2 holes, there are a lot of dog lefts and dog rights. All in all a great course, fun and actually semi challenging. Highly recommended for the new golfer.

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GREAT 9 hole course!   Excellent condition - rates are a bit high ($25 to walk 9) but, it's worth it.  Not a terribly challenging course - but very walkable and just a pleasant course.  It's a little confusing where the first tee is as well as where each hole is next - they should put up signs showing where the next tee is.  The best thing about this place is there's a bar tucked away around the corner near the golf carts!!  YAY!!!  It's a nothing little place that serves bottled beer and cooks up burgers and dogs, but I was thankful for it!  I would absoutely play it again.
The pro shop is reviewed in it's own Yelp spot: Joe & Leigh's discount pro shop.  It's AMAZING.  Well worth the drive here!  Check it out!!!

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This course is well maintained and most of the staff is friendly! It is a difficult layout on some of the longer holes, but im always up for a challenge on a nice course!  From the fairway, to the fringe, to the greens this course was groomed perfectly!  Thumbs up all the way, just wish it was an 18 hole course. The price is mediocre, running 60 dollars for a twosome with a cart for 9 holes......otherwise nothing bad to say at all... ps  5 starting positions for all player types..

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This place is in the middle of no where at least by a city dwellers view of things. However, this little course has a fantastic golf shop. It is very large, well stocked with good prices. Best of all these guys know the game. They do an excellent job re-gripping clubs.

If you are heading down 24 get off at 106 and head west for about 4 miles. The right turn is easy to miss but once found, it is well worth the effort to venture into the wilds to shop here.

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Pine Oaks is a fun little 9 hole course.  There's nothing really spectacular about it, but its cheap, public, and pretty empty.  The pro shop is actually the part that really shines, and would convince me to make another trip down to Easton.


In good shape.  The course didn't leave me with much to complain about.  The grass could use to be mowed more often, as is the case with most public courses.  The bunkers were in good shape, and the greens were ok.

Cheap!  $21 for 9 holes walking, or $28 to play all 9 twice.  Completely affordable, and a great place to bring your friends that "sort of" play.

Pro Shop.  The pro shop here is huge!  Unbelievable selection of new and used clubs, bags, shoes, clothes, men's and ladies.  This is also the home of, which is a pretty huge reseller on eBay.  They'll actually let you take the used clubs out on the course with you if you want to try them out.  This is a great way to figure out if you really want that club or that set of irons or whatever.  This is probably their biggest positive.


Not very challenging.  This might be a positive if you're not a great golfer.  Personally I like a course that makes me think about my shots, and plan out a strategy.  This course strategy is simple, grip it and rip it.  I hit a lot of greens here, even though I wasn't playing great.

Swampy.  There's a lot of water here, so if its rained recently you may want to avoid.  The ground gets soaked, and there are puddles and mud everywhere.  Not a great drainage system.

Only 9 holes.  Obviously playing 18 here would be pretty boring.  The two tee boxes (Blue and White) are only about 5 yards apart on every hole, so its not like that makes much of a difference.

Overall Grade: C+

I would come back here again, but probably just for the pro shop,and to demo some clubs.  If you're looking to buy something new or used, I'd recommend you make the trek down to Easton and check it out.

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