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this course is on the upswing. having played here for a few years now, i know they gutted the staff, so any concerns that you're reading about them you can probably put to rest. the new crew seems to have a much better handle on both the club house and the course.

the layout here is a good mix of challenging holes and chances to make up strokes. trouble lurks, but so does opportunity. two straightforward par 5s start you off, followed by a short par 4, a tricky down hill par 3, a nasty doglegged par 4, a medium length par 3, a downhill easy par 4, a narrow short par 4, and a short par 3 over water.

conditions this year are the best i've seen since i started playing the course. they lost the 4th green this winter, but installed a temp. i think the reg has since opened. they're also replacing tee boxes (which was sorely needed) and grooming a more punishing rough. not the longest course in the world, but you could do worse.

pace tends to be cruddy, i think. i golf super early on the weekends just to avoid the crush of people and the 2.5hr 9 holes. they haven't figured that one out yet.

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I've played here a number of times the last few years and for the $18 or $20 weekday fee (Lexington residents get a discount) it is a great value.  It is not the most challenging course but has enough variety that it is fun to play for golfers of all abilities.  They do their best to keep the course in solid condition, including removing leaves in the fall - take notice Wayland GC.  

If you want a great championship course go to Pine Hills or Pinehurst but for an enjoyable, reasonably priced 9 holes of golf go to Pine Meadows.

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Let me first begin by stating the course is in good shape.  Unfortunately that's about the only positive feedback I can provide.  My experience began when I walked in the pro shop at 6:33 pm to play a quick 9 holes before it got dark.  The man at the desk was rude from the beginning.  I didn't think much of it and actually laughed it off at the time.  At around 8:15(plenty of day light left) we are on the 9th hole wrapping up our round when the staff started yelling at us.  We literally had 2 putts left as we were on the green and they started yelling "hurry the hell up and get off the course we need to go home!".  I couldn't believe how rude these individuals were.  We literally had 2 putts left and were scoping out the green as they are yelling at us.  Suffice it say I will NEVER go back to this place due to the way we were rudely treated.

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Decent 9 hole course tucked on someones back yard in lexington

Pretty wide open for the first few holes then it gets tight towards the end

Tee boxes and greens in good shape even in September

Only drawbacks: kind of pricey for 9 holes and all 3 staff members I encountered were total D bags (not even to me but people I was with / around)

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I've golfed here a couple times in the past few weeks and, for the money and the course, you can't do much better in the area if you're looking to play nine.

Play can be a little slow (the par 3s, in particular, created some delays), but I was in and out in about 2.5 hours both times. Otherwise, it's all positive:
- Good value -- $21 for out-of-towners on weekdays
- Nice mix of holes -- a couple lengthy par 5s, a very challenging par 4 (No. 5), some water shots, and some straight and simple ones
- Challenging greens and pin placements -- No. 8, in particular
- Nice folks -- friendly starter, friendly staff

Tee it up!

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