Pine Hill Golf Club

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Nicely maintained, good for average to good golfers, and a delight to walk. Best bang for your buck south of CMH.

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This is a really good central Ohio golf course. Several par-5s & big greens. It is a challenging layout and plays longer than one would expect.  Opportunities for some tight shots and rolling/slopping greens. However, it is a typical country course where few golfer own a ball marker repair tool and even fewer use it.

The course does take its name seriously. There are both pines and hills on every hole. There are enough different types of evergreens to satisfy any high school botany teacher.  The combination of trees and hills makes it a great place for a late fall round.  

Make sure you load up on beverages, because water is not provided on the course. They do have beer cart girls throughout the summer. As with a lot of country courses there are some weird things regarding credit card purchases, like a minimum of $5 per purchase. They will give you the change if your purchase is less than $5. And you have to sign every receipt. Which seems rather 1995ish, but hey its southern Ohio.

The course condition is usually in good shape aside from the 2-5 ball marks on the greens. The staff are friendly and pleasant.

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I play Pine Hill often.  I have to say for the price, you can't beat it.  The staff is always friendly and helpful.  The greens are fast and have some significant angles to them which creates for tricky putts.  The course in my opinion is dialed in this year and looks the best it ever looked.

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Hey golf fans.  If you're looking for a mix of quirky golf hole designs that range in playability from easy to WTF?.... then Pine Hill Golf Club in Carroll, Ohio is THE PLACE.  There is a significant hill in the midst of the golf course that plays heavily into its design.
     Quirky?  Not many golf courses have three Par 5s and three Par 3s on one of the 9-hole sides (back 9).  Quirky?  Hole No. 14 rests atop the pine hill and has golfers driving far down into a valley YOU CANNOT SEE.... hard hats are needed for the group playing ahead of you - it creates slow play at that juncture.  Quirky?  How many golf courses do you know have their 17th and 18th Holes playing as back-to-back Par 5s, huh?  Quirky?  Hole No. 3 is atop pine hill with the green far below - a green that can be driven by big hitters..... but you have to wait because, again, the group in front of you must finish.
     Fun quotient?  For me, it is a 7 out of possible 10.  For a shorter than normal golf course Pine Hill does allow a golfer to let the shaft out on 4-out-of-5 of its Par 5s (#1, #10, #17, #18).  Hole No. 9 should be a Par 4 but no one complains much - easy birdie.  The Par 3s are easy but well guarded by bunkers or water.
     The clubhouse is less than modest yet it offers better-than-average hot & cold food service for very reasonable prices.  The beer and soft drinks are COLD!  On a hot day - that is excellent news.
     Slow play can be an issue because of design and because there are a huge number of trees just off the fairways.  When you're in them its best to pitch out - don't go trying to beat your way through them to the green.  You'll just be digging yourself in deeper.  And that equals slow play.
     All in all as a fan of fun golf courses this is one.  Quick greens, too.

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