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We have been in the area for almost 2 years, and today was the first time we have golfed here!  We were pleasantly surprised.  Greens, although slow, were well maintained.  You can hit off mats or grass.  There is a nice mix of short and longer holes, with the longest being almost 180 yards.  An excellent spot to practice the short game.  Extremely helpful, friendly staff.  Overall an experience that I look forward to repeating!!

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Yay, I get to write the first review of lil' Pine Crest Golf Course.

So - PCGC is a well-maintained 9-hole Par 27 course.  After 2 very short  (80 yards or less), straight and generally flat holes that I view as warmups, the course starts to extend into more challenging ones.

Holes 3 - 5 present more requirements for accuracy, a bit more distance and tougher lies (i.e. hills).

Holes 6 & 7 stretch distance and accuracy (160-170 yds) that reward long iron skill.

Hole 8 is a little deceptive 129 yd hole that plays more like 140, and is probably the toughest on the course.  A short mishit puts you down in a gully, a long shot leave you OB, and the green has a lot of backslope, making putts toward the hole downhill punitive if you miss even slightly.

Hole 9 is a pretty simple one ~120 yds bringing you back to the small clubhouse.

Staff is pretty nice here.  The facilities are surely humble, but the course plays well, and is challenging enough to be fun even for intermediate players.

My main knock against PCGC is that you are required to tee off of mats, which isn't my preference.

Winter tip: Call ahead during winter season, to make sure the greens aren't frozen.  They don't let you play until they have warmed up.

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