Pin-Hi Golf Course

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I've been fortunate to play this course for over a decade and it is a relaxing day out for any type of golfer - beginner, intermediate, or experienced.

As a previous poster noted, it is not a spectacular course and the owners have never claimed it was; however, there are some challenging holes.

The 1st hole is an uphill 200-yard par 3 (it plays more like 225 yards) with a small bunker on the left-hand side.  This is the only hole where I have failed to make a par and I have never seen any of my friends or fellow playing partners make par on the hole either.

Holes 4 and 5 are straight, but narrow, while hole 6 is a short downhill par-3 that could yield a birdie if you hit a good tee shot.  I was lucky to witness an older woman make a hole-in-one several years ago, which was a nice thrill.

The only negatives I would give Pin-Hi is the fact that they do charge $17.00 for 9 holes which is OK, but I do think it is slightly overpriced as the course has little to no drainage.  I also think the 9th hole could be 20-30 yards longer as there is enough space to do this, but perhaps this costs too much money, so it hasn't been done.

Though it doesn't receive the fanfare that Indian Lake, Glen Arbour, and Lost Creek get, you will appreciate the friendly, low-key service provided by Pin-Hi.

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Pin-hi is a great little course! It isn't a championship style course and it doesn't pretend to be either. It is the perfect place to take up the game and learn to play or work on your short game. They are super friendly and are welcoming to kids and families. Memberships are super affordable.

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Awful, just awful.

Not even sure how they can call themselves a golf course.
It's like playing golf in a big field, don't even need a driver.
4 iron, 7 iron, PW, and putter, all that is needed.

I played lots when i was younger, since it was a good deal $6-$7 a round!

But now they charge a whopping $18 for a crappy 9 holes.

Hit Indian Lake golf course, best course for the money in HRM, also $18 for 9 holes

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Pin-Hi is a very popular golf course.  My parents went here all the time, it is close to the city and very reasonable in price.
It is always packed and is a beautiful course. This is a 9 hole par 30 golf course.

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