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All they care about is selling personal trainer sessions! They went from having tons of group classes for adults and kids to being just a not so good gym. You are basically paying for a pool that is only open 3 months out of the year. The club director doesn't bother to return calls or emails. You can get a better deal at other local gyms. Don t waste your money! Beware, the contract automatically renews and if you try to leave they charge you a fee! It s actually worse than other local gyms!

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The facility itself is actually pretty nice. There are tennis courts, a few racket ball courts, basketball courts and a gym with standard equipment, free weights, a heavy bag, aerobic steps, etc. They also offer free classes (yoga, etc) and a daycare facility to watch children while you work out. There is water inside the gym, sanitizing wipes and towels. The bathrooms are always very clean and well stocked. If there's ever a problem the staff are very willing to help. What would have kept me a member is if they lowered the price when the pool is closed because all you're paying for during this time is a gym membership and it isn't cheap. If all of the facility cannot be accessed for ¾ of the year the price should be lowered, because well, what are you paying for? There's no sauna or anything, no jacuzzi or any other feature that would really constitute a full gym. If you're military it's best just to stick to the gyms on post. They have more equipment and are completely free. Besides the monthly fee there is also a semi-annual maintenance fee. For a family of 2 I paid roughly $90 per month (rounded up the nearest dollar, it's like $87 or $88 or something) plus a semi-annual $37.50 maintenance fee with a 1 year contract. If I wanted to do month to month it would be $75 for ONE person per month as well as the maintenance fees. If you're an officer or affluent in the community these prices won't mean much to you but as an enlisted family it's just too much for too few services. Also if you bring a guest it's $8 per guest but they have VIP memberships where they offer free passes, I think. And when the pool is open they run this cafe/bar that has really good food.

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The name "country club" is not accurate when describing Peloton Ridge.  The gym area is dirty and crawling with bugs (summer months).  They "sweep" up the bugs several times a day. Get an exterminator already! The pool is very small and has no one to monitor the members who just do as they please.  For example: play their own stereos, smoke, and let their children run around doing pretty much whatever they want! One lady was changing a baby's poopy diaper right on the cabana cushion. Once the pool is closed all you have is a small dirty gym and some tennis courts.  We had to pay $200 to cancel our membership early! Don't waste your money on being a member. I'm sorry we did.

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