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Fabulous bundled golf community!

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Came here for a summer nosh at mid-day, and found that the Clubhouse Bar was serving.  The Main Dining room was being set up for a weekend event, and the Boat House was closed for the summer season.  The Cubhouse Bar is a welcoming room, with two TV screens, French doors to the golf greens, and circular tables that are obviously accustomed to bands of golfers showing up in a foursome or two  for a quick bite or a drink together.  Large, vinyl upholstered chairs on wheels circle the tables in this dark wooded, carpeted room.

Food was a list of bar sandwiches, including a brat plus kraut at $5.50 that can shame Costco's favorite (and cheap!) choice in the food line.    Fries are flash fried and reminiscent of sports parks and pub food anywhere.

There were lots of servers, plus a bartender, plus at least three administrative types who circled the dining room assuring that everyone approved of the food.  Here's where Club lines can be drawn.  Higher-end Clubs expect their servers to address the residents by last name, and to refrain from tableside conversation.  Mid-level club residents are surprised that a server may remember and/or adress them by their first or last name.  Mid-level clubs also don't mind if a server becomes a momentary best friend, lingering at a table to talk -  Even if that social moment means that other guests wait for glasses to be replenished or orders to arrive.

And the penultimate Club test around here in SW FL is the gratis cookie service.  Here, a cookie did not automatically appear.  Guests had to ask to get one.

There is a prevailing courtesy by staff throughout Pelican Sound.  The gate handled entry with efficiency and a smile. And, a golf assistant zoomed to our car in his cart to offer assistance as we loaded a wheel chair.  Nice!

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