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I played Monarch Beach the day before so I was spoiled by Monarch Beach's attentiveness, lower price and extra customer care amenities.  Here are my comments about my experience on the south course:
1. I had a Marriott preview complimentary round of golf - I stayed across the street at Marriott's Newport Coast Villas and if I attended their preview presentation they gave me a free round of golf, so being an avid golfer I said yes to the Marriott offer. Little did I know I would be treated as a lesser class guest.  When I made my reservation the phone attendant wanted by Marriott reservation number and voucher number and went on for 10 minutes that if I didn't have this information I would have to pay the going rate of $290.   I had to boot up my computer to provide all the necessary details and listen to the unnecessary babbling just book a t-time.  The attendant kept repeating the rules and I couldn't even ask a question or finish my sentence without her talking over me.  She never came up for air and went on and on and on.  Exhausting to try and talk to someone who doesn't listen and wants to control the conversation.
2. Caddie - during the booking process I was never asked whether I wanted a caddie.  A caddie was never mentioned when I checked in at the clubhouse.  All they wanted to see was my voucher and not my reservation number like the babbling phone attendant indicated. When I was loading my bags, a caddie told me I didn't request a caddie.  I would have liked a caddie and would have paid for one if it was offered.  What a messed up process.
3. Course amenities.  At many courses there are NO drinking fountains, snack bars after the 9th hole, and good snacks on the food and beverage cart.  The food and beverage cart came by only once.  It didn't have healthy snacks, sandwiches or ice tea drinks. It was a 90 degree day we were hot and thirsty.  my group had a 10:30am t-time and we were hungry by 1pm and wanted a sandwich and drinks at the turn.  There is no snack bar between the 9th and 10th holes and there was no drinking water on the course.  If we were provided a course map or told there was no food or water offered after the 9th hole, I would have brought a sandwich, snacks and my own drinks.  In contrast, Monarch beach had a great selection of healthy snacks on the cart and an excellent snack bar at the 9th hole.
4. Red and yellow tees are treated as a nuisance, there are no marked paths to find them.  On several holes I had to wade through high rough and brush just to get to them.  On several of the holes, we could not find the tees.
5. The greens are in bad shape and covered with this aqua blue chemical.  It was hard to read the green or putt when a few sprigs of grass break through the sea of blue dried up chemicals.
6. Diversity of the pro-shop workers, caddies and customers.  Aside from green keepers and mowers, I was the only person of color on the course the entire round.
7. No GPS on the cart and no tips or hole maps on the score card.  Glad I brought my own GPS.
8. This is an excellent challenging course with fantastic views on the ocean holes.  There are plenty of sand traps and terrain that will challenge the better golfer.

This could be a great golf course if they improved the booking process, provided customer service, improved food and beverage offering, put a GPS on the cart, offered a discount to play on the aqua-blue chemical greens, provided more course information to new customers and drop the hubris.  There are many other courses with far better customer service that strive for an excellent customer experience that are available in the area.  I will not play here again.

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I recently played the north course at pelican hill as part of corporate event.  The golf course itself is in solid (not great) condition and the layout is beautiful.

I am giving the course one star because of the very poor customer service. For many golf fanatics, shipsticks has become a way of life for getting clubs to and from destination golf courses.  I have used the service at least ten times and every single time, the pro shop has been extremely friendly at the end of my round, accepted my clubs (in my travel bag), taken my pre-printed shipping label and handled it from there.  

When I finished my round at Pelican Hill, however, the guys around the pro shop acted like I had no idea what I was talking about... how is that possible at a resort course??  Eventually one particularly rude pro shop employee told me I had no option but to lug my clubs back to the resort and go to the business center (???).  I asked if they could handle that for me as this is supposed to be a five star resort and he scoffed "sorry, your issue."  

When I got back to the resort with my clubs in tow, I asked for directions to the business center, which I received, only to find the business center was empty with no employees.  I dragged my clubs back up to the main lobby and asked yet another employee for help.  He was very helpful and guided me to someone else in the lobby that agreed to handle it and didn't understand why the rest of the employees had been so difficult.  These last two employees were excellent.  I wish I could share their names.

This review, however, is for the golf course and a five star destination golf course should know how to deal with shipping clubs.  Not to mention it should have polite employees.

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Had a great time here at Pelican.  I was here on vacation and decided to play the south course.  My wife decided to join me to admire the views.  

Had a great time on the driving range, there were multiple targets and plenty of room.  The putting green was nice but smaller than I expected.  It wasn't too busy the day I played so I had no problems putting without feeling someone waiting for me to finish putting. But I can imagine the putting green can get a bit crowded on busier days.  Our golf cart was very plush, seats were fully padded like an escalade.

We played with another 2-some and had a great caddie tag along with us.  The course was immaculate.  Fairways were clean.  In fact,  the fairways were so clean,  I had a difficult time aligning the flag/hole to an intermediary target like a leaf or divot LOL.  Everything was very green and uniform.  And of course, the trees and landscape was mature and lush, something I am not use to.

Our caddie was great.  Kept things light and fun.  Provided simple tips without putting too many thoughts into my head.  Hole # 13 is the view hole, pretty much see the entire coast from the green.  This course has some long and challenging par 4s if you play from the blues.  Save all your shots for the last 4 holes, as they are the most challenging.  Number 18 will kick your ass but is a very memorable hole.

Beautiful course, excellent customer service.  Would consider staying here next time and will definitely play the North course the next time I am in town.

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The place itself is amazing. BUT.....some if the people work in Tee shop is not servicing for customer. They are more like servicing for the rules. For such a highend place at the price point, it should care more about customers. This place either need another worker or a well trained person.

I had some foreigner friends came just for the oceanview golf. They wont help to add in one more person with reservation. The interesting part is, they arrived there 10 earlier than tee time. After 5.min negotiation, the person works in tee shop said they are late for the appointment, and they needs to be pushed forward to another two hours later. If this is a customer service rating I wont event give two stars. While the golf course is amazing so what u do...

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Golf course was great but we got the cold shoulder from the caddy who was good but evidently not happy with the $100 tip at the end.  If $20 a bag the club recommends plus an extra $20 isn't enough they should change their web site or get courtesy lessons to the caddies.  Bad taste.

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