Pecan Hollow Golf Course

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Course was very nice.  Greens were above average and a nice staff to boot.

Only $36 to play on a Friday morning, they have golf gals around (you'll see them every 5-6 holes).

Definitely would play again!

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Played the course last Wednesday 10/02/13. I'll give you my Pros and Cons.

Pros: The course is in great shape, I didn't see a bad spot in one fairway. The greens were hard and fast but held on high shots in. The course is pretty straight with some leeway on errant tee shots. But no risk/reward tee shots.

Cons: I am guessing they have a local following with people who play there a lot. We saw a sixsome and the Marshall drove by them and said nothing. We had a twosome tee off in front of us (there were two of us) and they were walking and we were riding. There were two holes in front of them wide open and the Marshall drove by us twice without saying anything to them. They never gave us a second look about playing through them. Took us about 3 hrs and 45 minutes to play 18 on a weekday, which I think is too much time. We can play Los Rios or Sherrill Park in about 2:15 on weekdays. For whatever reason it just wasn't a fun time

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The course was renovated last year by D.A. Wiebring and that was much needed.  It still plays pretty wide open off the tee and is a good course for new to intermediate players.  Many new bunkers that are well kept and fluffy.  Greens are in good shape, but hard and not very receptive.  Play last Friday and it was not crowed at all.  thumbs up!

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This is a public course that is average at best. The layout suits a beginner golfer and not much to it. The price is relatively low compared to other courses but I would spend the extra dollars on a better course if you are spending face value.  This course does throw out special deals like crazy so if you are a deal finder then its worth it. The fairways are decent and the greens i would say are below average. This course is recommended only if you get a hot deal on the green fee... otherwise find some place else.

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Pecan Hollow Golf Course is part of Plano Parks and Recreation.  

It's not the nicest or the toughest course around, but it's very affordable (~ $30 a round including cart) and it's decently kept up for a public parks course.

I usually play alone and it's definitely not crowed during the weekdays.  I can breeze through a round in about 3 hours or play a couple of balls and still finish in under 4 hours.  

It's a good course for beginners since it's a pretty wide open course.  You can hook or slice it a mile and you can still find your ball.

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