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Came in for a wedding reception over the weekend and it was a nice set up. I really liked the architectural details but unfortunately because it was already nighttime i couldn't see far out into the landscape. I posted pictures from the wedding, my favorite detail were the large porches.

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So many things were not right about our wedding that I may run out of space, I'll try to be brief.

- Poor communication from coordinator, sometimes it took over 7 days to receive email replies.

- Poor organisation, received concerning phonecalls as close to 2 days prior to the wedding to 'confirm' some pretty major aspects of the wedding which had long since been set in stone eg. the date of the wedding, the type of dinner (sit down -v- buffet).  Getting such key details incorrect so close to a wedding was a great source of stress.

- At the rehearsal the day before the wedding, we were left to our own devices while the coordinator instructed the cleaners and team who were setting up for the Halloween party that night and a number of the wedding party felt that she was inattentive and rude to them - which, again, when you're paying top dollar for a wedding, that is not the service you expect!

- I was informed, by the coordinator, that there was no need for an 'on the day' coordinator, she would serve as my coordinator and I should not waste my money on an outsider as she had done this many times before.  What I received instead was chaos!

- Wasn't told @ time of booking that we couldn't get in to decorate the night before due to a kids halloween party.  I was ASSURED that the cleaning crew would be there from 6am to clean and coordinator would be there from 8am to decorate.  In reality, coordinator arrived at CC after 11am and my bridesmaids arrived to discover NO decorations in place.  In short, the groom ended up decorating the venue an hour before the wedding started, which meant our pre-wedding photoshoot didn't take place, we had to miss almost all of our reception to take pictures (even had to extend it by an hour ($200 for the DJ) just so we could get our first dance in- which they also tried to charge us for!!) and then we ended up losing the light we needed to get our pictures taken outside!

-While this was going on with the decorations, I arrived with another bridesmaid to the club to get ready.  We were getting changed and all of a sudden members of the public started to use the restrooms in the suite.  Coordinator DID NOT, AT ANY TIME, inform me that the 'bridal suite', which she called it, would be used by anyone else on the day.  She told me it was a room for my bridesmaids and I to get ready ahead of the wedding - she did NOT tell me that it was a public restroom.  Furthermore, she would not deal with my bridesmaids on the day, she was rude and obnoxious to them, insisted on dealing with me (a huge no-no to bring drama to a Bride's lap on the day of her wedding, but she insisted) and THEN she proceeded to call me a liar to my face on my wedding day!!!!!

-She was nowhere to be seen at the time the wedding was due to start - actually, that's not entirely true as she was seen waiting tables in the bar/restaurant, when she should have been giving direction to the wedding party.  The ceremony started late, in spite of everyone being ready to start on time, just for the simple fact that there was no one coordinating the bridal party on the day, which again, pushed us back, late for everything else to follow.

-We didn't get our hors d'oeuvres of quesidillas, the house salad was a plate of lettuce and they served the wrong potatoes. I was told I couldn't cut the cake when I wanted to, she kept coming up to us during our meal asking stupid questions, tried to charge me $900 that we'd already paid and implied I was lying about having paid it, our favours weren't put out on a table like we'd been told they would so more than half our guests didn't get them, I could go on and on AND ON!!! I've also not received a reply to my letter of complaint which I sent over a week ago.

Poor service all round, especially considering the amount of $$ we spent on the wedding especially when we were insured a 'perfect day' and instead, missed most of it cause of the venues mistakes - AND as we were leaving, she had the cheek to ask me to go online and give them a raving review!!!!

Edit on 9/12/2010 to add that I just received an email from wedding wire to say, 'Your WeddingWire review was disputed by Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club' apparently Pecan Grove are not at all impressed with my review of their services and are trying to censor my experience so as not to get a poor opinion of their service out to the masses!

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