Peace Portal Golf Course

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Beautiful course with huge trees. Very pretty setting with challenging elevation. Good rental clubs, nice deal on twilight golf. Would definitely return.

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I enjoyed this course for its layout and the fact that there are a lot of twists and turns on the course. This course really tests your knowledge of your clubs and distances as with the elevated tee boxes and greens you are always trying to figure out if its a one or two club up or down based on the elevation changes.  Our group also had lunch at the club house and the food was decent.

Where this course fell short was the maintenance. Despite overnight rainfall the fairways and the course in general felt very dry and placing your shot on the fairway did not feel rewarding as you were faced with hitting from a very solid lie where one would wonder if you are hitting from concrete as we all found it difficuly to get the club under the ball on fairway. The tee boxes were well used with it being s challenge to find a decent place to tee off.  It would have been nice if the tee off locations would be rotated and moved more often to provide a better quality launch location.

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Called Peace Portal because it is near the USA Canada border on the east side of Hwy 99.

The course is kept and maintained well, wit some interesting hole set ups.  Some holes are lined with tall  old growth trees and others are a little more opened.

The first hole has a huge gully dip that is not visible from the tee box.

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