Paxon Hollow Golf Club

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I went here on a recent Sunday morning as a single golfer. I had called the day before to ask about a tee time, and was told "If you arrive before 8 a.m. then you can go off as a single." Sounds great, right?

EXCEPT for everything that happened when I actually arrived: The man behind the desk in the club house is a rude curmudgeon.  You would have thought I interrupted him at home when I walked in that morning.  

After that hurdle, I went up to the first tee.  Finding no one there, I teed off.  I walked out to my ball when I saw a worker driving up to me.  He came up to me and said, "What do you think you are doing"?  I explained that I paid and was going to play.  

It was 7:54 am and he said I could not start till 8 am.  After walking back to the tee 6 golfers arrived. Not that they acknowledged me. The starter finally asked them if I could join their group.  Begrudgingly they said yes.  I then had to wait to tee off and play with a group of guys that treated me like I was a misfit.  

Someone needs to remind the whole lot of them that this is a PUBLIC golf course, not some premiere Private Country Club.  If you want to spend money to be treated like a jerk this is the place for you.  Awful customer service.

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My honey and I were in a bind.  At the last minute we had to find a new venue for my son's Baptism party.  So, a friend recommended Paxon Hollow and they were greatttt!!!  The food was excellent.  We had the roast beef, chicken marsala and the stuffed flounder...all catered from Anthonys.  They did a wonderful job displaying everything and did us a real solid by accommodating us with very little notice.

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I'm still giving PH a 4 star review, but I think it is worth noting that I played here this past weekend (during 85-90 degree heat) only to find out that they do not have water stands ANYWHERE on the course.  I feel like someone will have a heat stroke out there and everyone will look back and say, "hmmmm... maybe we should've spent the couple hundred bucks to get coolers on a few of the holes."  Sure they have a cart girl selling $2 10oz water bottles, but that only makes it more irritating. I've never been to a place that doesn't have big water jugs every 3 or 4 holes, its just common courtesy.

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