Patriot Golf Course

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This is a review for the driving range and putting area. The staff and patrons all seem very nice. The driving range is what you'd expect from a typical driving range without too many frills. There is an area where you can hit off the grass which is always awesome especially in the Boston area.

You can also use the putting green for free which seems like a no-brainer however many places around here make you pay (Stonemeadow). I haven't played the course yet but seems pretty nice.

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Patriot is a really nice golf course. My husband and I go once or twice a week to play because it gives a chance to get out of the city and play for an exceptional price. While it is a military operated course, you are allowed to bring civilian guest. For about $4 or $5 you can get a bucket of balls and drive away at their driving range, but for an even better deal you can load credit onto a driving range key and get the buckets for $3! There's about 10 driving range stalls and the course is 9 holes. Hole 1 and 6 have a slight curve but nothing to serious, and overall the course is a little narrow so if you're a major hooker (no pun intended) or a slicer, you should likely spend a few weeks on the driving range and straighten things out--otherwise be prepared to either loose a ton of balls or conduct a search in the woods and/or briar patch. Also, they do have beer, refreshments, snacks, and hot dogs/ready made sandwiches. Lastly, while they do sell golf equipment there, i.e. clubs, gloves, shoes, socks, balls etc. at a pretty respectable price, its a lot cheaper to purchase at the Exchange.

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