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I visited the PV Country Club to attend a CFA awards ceremony. My husband has been going to CFA luncheons for years now and I always live vicariously as I inquisitively ask him during dinner, "So what did they feed?  Was it good?  Did it come with a side dish?"  And most importantly, "Was there dessert?"

The luncheons are usually at country clubs, but not always the same one, and usually include a fancy dessert that my husband will recount as "something very tasty but I don't know what it is called." His answer always leaves me unsatisfied, which helps explain why I was excited that I finally would attend one!

This particular luncheon was everything that I expected: a slightly over air-conditioned banquet room, tables with fancy table cloths, two sizes of forks,  and beautifully plated salads set in front of every chair.  The country club in general was gorgeous, with views of the mountains, and lots of greenery.  It is a good place to pose for a picture.

The waitstaff was better than any waiter I ever had - our water cups were refilled before they were even half empty.  Our plates were taken away the second we appeared done.

The main course was chicken served on top of pasta with artichokes and a cream sauce.  It tasted like chicken in a cream sauce. But I am impressed with anything that comes garnished so I was happy.

Then we got to dessert.
A single plate of cookies was placed in the center of every table.  I like cookies as much as the next person, but cookies are a snack, not a dessert.  I don't think I can blame this one on the country club as I am sure the cookies were selected off a menu, but it begs the question, why were cookies even on the menu?  It is a  very anti-climatic dessert option.

Most people must have agreed with me because very few attendees ate a cookie - most plates were untouched when we left the room.  So, I took a few for sampling.  They were decent cookies, but all were dry and crumbly. They were the type of cookie that need to be served with ice cream, or chocolate sauce, or milk, or even a cup of coffee.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my experience and took two leftover cookies for the road (that crumbled and made a mess in my purse but I ate them anyway).

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As a guest for dinner i was very impressed from the start.
Valet parking for a normal dinner night.
Attentive bartenders, very clean place, very beautiful decor.
Pasta and stir fry bars were very good. Dessert table was just too much.
No cell phone use at the club was great, no interruptions.

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This place is gorgeous! We were here last night for a party and have to say that this club is incredible, the views were breathtaking and the staff is top notch. Everyone was incredibly helpful and friendly. Looking forward to playing a round on that beautiful course sometime.

Also love that they prohibit people from being on their annoying cell phones. More places should adopt that rule. I'm a fan!

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While I have not had the pleasure of dining nor playing golf here, I have been at a few events on the golf course.  Everything is top of the line and very expensive while remaining exclusive to the members (and people with lots of money).  Pools, tennis courts, multiple dining areas and private clubs/bars throughout the property, as well as the expansive golf course - there is always a caddie or cart driver to cater to your every need (again, as a member).  The grounds are very well kept, and the rules are followed to a T.  All of the staff are very polite and helpful, and most of the members are rather indifferent, but there is a particular air of pretentiousness in all of that.  Either way, I don't normally live among the wealthy or "upper class," so it fits the cliches.

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I'm not writing about the golf here.  I'm all about the food!

I had a dinner reception here for graduation.  The place itself is amazing.  The view of Camelback Mts. is stunning and romantic I must add.  The place is very private and to get in you must have a lot of $$$ or you know someone that knows someone - old money!  

We were served a light garden salad with yams and dried cranberries.  I'm a sucker for dried cranberries and yams so you can throw them on a dried boot and I'll eat it!  Our main course was filet mignon -- okay I thought, I've had better.  Finally, dessert, which turned out to be my favorite.  Raspberry puree and crème brulee with a caramel rice cracker atop - sweet & sour mixed with crunchy and softness -- that my friends, is what any dessert should be!  Kudos to the chef! - Enjoy!

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