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We had our wedding here in June 2013.  

Our experience with Pat was a little different from the other reviewers. She was horrible. I can't imagine how she still works in the service industry. She rarely returned my calls, was rude almost every time we spoke, and made snide comments to me, the bride, all the time. She was simply not helpful in any way whatsoever. The price per plate here is very reasonable, but I didn't think that the service from the GM would be so lacking just because it wasn't crazy expensive.

Almost every time I dealt with her since I paid the deposit was a nightmare. We were told we could only have a small amount of food for the tasting. I have several friends who got almost everything on the menu for a tasting. I am paying 10's of thousands of dollars. Let me try the food. So we arrive for our tasting. SHE FORGOT WE SCHEDULED A TASTING. She was shocked that we were there then scrambled to get things together, then blamed the brand new chef that he forgot we were coming. THEN she hid away from us the rest of the night. My mom was livid, and searched for her to no avail. She left her assistants to deal with us, which wasn't fair since it wasn't their fault that she forgot. She was just not going to come talk to us. They acted like we were the ones with a problem, but gave us cold, and actually old food. The Chef even said that some of the sauces were from the day before.

Every time I called was horrible. She acted like I was an inconvenience when i had questions. I have never thrown a wedding, so I had questions. For example, where does the receiving line begin, do they put the favors out or do I have to get someone to do that??? Little things like that. But, I was made to feel like I was asking for the place to be remodeled or something. I asked for appetizers in the bridal suite...her response was literally You don't want that, you'll slop all over yourself. WOW. Classy. How about how she treated other employees. Well, she yelled at one in front of us once, she tried to blame one of her assistants for something that went wrong, then she blamed the Chef for forgetting the tasting. It was plain to see that she couldn't take responsibility.

So the day of the wedding. Where was she??? I saw her once. The one time I saw her, I had to seek her out. We were standing where she said to stand for the receiving line, but no one was coming by us because we were basically hidden. So I said let me see if she is supposed to be filtering people there or what. Well, this was a huge problem for her. She just said no keep standing there, they will come by you. I said nope, I will stand by the door. She huffed said fine do whatever you want and walked away. That was the last time I saw her.

After the wedding, people had left some stuff there. I called and called and she kept telling me they were looking for it. It has been almost a year, do you think I got any of that stuff back? Nope!

The price per plate is very reasonable. And when you invite 400 people like I did, that is very important.

The food was amazing, thanks Chef!!

The venue is pretty. It could use some updates, but it is a pretty place, and was very clean.

The staff/servers for the reception seemed very nice and attentive.

All in all, the reception was great. But if I could do it again, I'd spend a little more to have gotten better service.

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Went to a wedding here last week, excellent!  Great food as well.  Would highly recommend if you are looking for a place to have wedding and reception or just wedding.

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We enjoyed our experience at PCC.  Pat, the general manager, was very helpful in setting up our wedding reception there, which was the easiest part of our wedding plans, believe it or not.  The rest of the staff was helpful too.  We had the smaller room, which was perfect for our 120 guests.

The food was delicious and all the guests thought our choice of wedding cake from Orland Bakery, which is included in the package, was delicious.

The prices were very reasonable.  Everything we dropped off two days before for the wedding, like the favors, guest book, and the seating cards, etc, were ready to go and in place perfectly.  We were even able to bring in Green River soda for our guests!

It was overcast outside on account of the rain earlier in the day, but the photos we took outside PCC turned out great!  The gazebo, golf course, and lake, make great photo opportunities.

My Mom is in a wheelchair she had no problems getting around.  We had lost some glasses and the evening manager said they would look for them.  By the time we got to the hotel, she had left a message on the bride's cell phone that the glasses had been found and would be available for pickup in the office the following morning, which they were!

Another huge plus is that all the DJ and photo services we interviewed were familiar with PCC and spoke highly of them.  The DJ and the photographer knew where to go and didn't encounter any problems dealing with PCC.  

We would use PCC again in a heartbeat!

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After checking out 17 venues (yes I'm very obbessive) we settled on this one. We booked the fairfield room which they state can hold up to 150. We had around 110 and I know if we could have easily add another 15 or so. I personally liked the style of my room over the "grand ballroom." The Fairfield is so white & pristin. Yes it does overlook a parking lot but at night its dark so you can't see out plus most people look towards the dance floor.
The lobby entrance was gorgeous which I believe sets the tone for the reception.
We were allowed to use the Gazebo for pictures before the reception (so excitied to see these pictures!)
Before having the wedding I was told by so many people that they were excited we chose this place because they had been there before and liked it.

There is a handicap drive up in the back
Received many compliments on the food.
Let you set up your room a couple days early (as long as the room is not booked for another arrangement)
So many places for photos other than the main room:  gorgeous lobby, Pretty wooden Irish bar, gazebo, brick outside wall by the bar area, even these long benchs with my groom & I laid on for a photo at the end of the night
Good bar assortment
Wait staff was friendly
Bathrooms were up to date & clean
Multiple doors in the Fairield room so a bride can easily escape without everyone noticing
Pretty bar in the Fairfield room

Hard to reach on the phone
You can tell the manager (Pat) is an expert & doesn't mess around, which for a bride who has no experience is intimating (just be prepared)
Bridal room was big- but kinda old, it was downstairs & I never used it- which was fine with me- I was there to have fun with people, not stay hidden in a room!
Our DJ said the dancefloor was not "quality" not really sure what this means, I was able to dance on it all night long- no problem.

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We had our wedding here a couple of days ago and can't say enough good things about it.  Pat, the general manager, was our main contact and was extremely responsive, accommodating and friendly throughout the process.  I was never worried throughout the planning process that our reception venue didn't have it together - I could tell they had this wedding business down cold.

Their rates are very affordable and we decided on Palos due to the combination of affordable rates and pretty space.  We had a wedding on the smaller side of average (110 people), and had booked the smaller room accordingly.  However, when our date approached and no one else had booked the Grand Ballroom, they bumped us up to it which we were very pleased about.  Our guests had nothing but compliments about the food, and the prompt and friendly service.  The only thing that did not go perfectly that I'm taking one star away for was that we had both vegetarians and vegans at the wedding, and we were told the vegetarians would get a spinach and ricotta lasagna type dish and the vegans would receive a vegetable/rice dish.  However, I glanced at my bridesmaid's plate who was one of the vegetarians and she had been given a vegan dish, which was not as substantial a meal as a vegetarian pasta dish would have been, imo.

But overall, a great experience working with them.  Worth every (affordable) penny.

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