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We had our wedding reception here on July 2014, and it was truly perfect. It was a beautiful venue for our guests to enjoy, a worry-free choice for me, and a really big pleasure working with Crystal as our wedding coordinator.

Awesome list:
-Crystal. Super sweet and helpful. Took care of way more than I expected. Really thoughtful on the details. Gives excellent recommendations. Easy to work with. Kept things running smooth the day of. Set up a lot of the decor for me and then some. Didn't mind me bugging her like crazy. Super accommodating. I seriously loved working with her.
-Gorgeous venue. Nice view from the patio, pretty glass windows all over, nice classy feel without being gaudy. Nice mixture of nature and class. I didn't decorate too much and thought it was fine. TONS of people loved the venue, and agreed it was a great choice.
-Nice big bar!
-Big enough to accommodate our 250 guests.
-Required valet parking was a nice touch for our guests' experience imho.
-Really good service! Excellent staff. I was happy to see my guests treated well.
-Yummy food! Got some surprising compliments from picky folks. People actually liked the steak! When is steak ever good at a wedding?!
-Nice scenic drive up.

-Room rental a little pricey.
-Floors are kind of ugly.

I would highly recommend having your wedding reception here. :)

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We just had our wedding at PAHGCC and couldn't have had a more amazing experience!

Our wedding coordinator, Crystal, was absolutely amazing during our entire wedding planning process. She was always very prompt in responding to emails and was quick to provide advice/help whenever needed. We made several visits out to the venue with out-of-town family, and Crystal was always more than happy to show everyone the beautiful venue. On the day of the wedding, she went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect for us! All of our personal items (champagne flutes, cake serving set, favors, Unity Cross, etc.) were set out and taken care of. Our guests really enjoyed their meals and raved about the gorgeous venue. The venue was breathtaking for all of our pictures, and we were able to take our time on and around the course with all of our bridal party. At sunset, our photographer took my husband and I out for more pictures around the waterfall. The scenery was stunning!

Crystal helped take care of the timeline of the whole night and everything went so smoothly! We couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator! Her easy going, professional personality really made her a joy to work with! Thank you for everything, Crystal and the whole crew at Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club!!!

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The Palo Alto Hills Country Club was absolutely the right choice for my wedding. It exceeded our expectations as a venue and I would highly recommend this club to anyone searching for a golf course wedding/reception.

Crystal is the event manager, and she was my day of coordinator. She is AMAZING! She was super easy to communicate with leading up to my wedding day, and she totally nailed every detail of our ceremony and reception. She must be really organized because I had A LOT of little details she had to make a note of and execute. I am beyond happy with the Palo Alto Hills Country Club. The grounds are gorgeous, the staff treated my guests so well, and the food was a hit! You know the food is top quality when it tastes just as good as your tasting!

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As a wedding reception venue, this place suited us to a tee: classy but not over the top, great views, tasteful decor, an unbelievably convenient location (15 min drive from the ceremony and the hotel), and staff who are experienced and very structured.

Now, I like - no, adore - structure.  But some people don't.  And even I was baffled by the whole no jeans/no cell phone use policy but it never became an issue.  Either everyone agrees to look the other way or the country club snootiness just rubs off on you unconsciously.

As our wedding coordinator, LT was a pro.  She helped us think through every detail in advance - just the way I like it.  It wasn't entirely perfect, and both she and I had momentary lapses, but with a bit of patience and clear communication, everything got sorted eventually.  

Well, most of it.  Here are a few areas of improvement:
- Time for pics outdoors on the greens is really brief.  We should've practiced our poses in advance to maximize time!
- I didn't realize that we'd have to specifically request the staff to cut and serve BOTH the ice cream cake and the tiered cake.  So, there's me at the end of the night with a huge, uneaten cake to lug home :(
- I still don't think paying for valet should be mandatory when my guestlist is well under capacity.  Some guests didn't use valet at all.
- Our wedding was on a hot July afternoon!  I got some feedback from my guests that cocktail hour on the patio was a sweaty affair.  Hmmm, I thought they'd pull down the sunshades?  And, apparently the A/C wasn't working in the restrooms.  Ew.
- I was a sweaty bride and forgot to blot/powder!  Oh, wait - that's on me, not the venue.  Focus, Sandy, focus!

A few highlights:
- Our tasting was so much fun and surpassed my expectations (which are always lowered at a country club or hotel).  The bread was so good I wanted to pull a mom and stuff some into my purse!
- Thanks so much for making sure there were a few platters of apps set aside for the bride and groom and wedding party!  Yum!
- Our out of town parents paid us a few surprise visits prior to our wedding.  And LT was always able to accommodate them to give impromptu mini-tours.  
- After we had all said goodbye, LT sent us a gift of PAHGCC plush robes.  What an unexpected, unbelievably kind gesture :)

All in all, this place was a lovely frame for a deliriously, happy day.

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Our wedding was absolutely fantastic, thanks to PAHGCC.  I won't lie -- the planning process definitely had initial stress due to multiple departures of event coordinators at the Country Club.  However, the current event coordinator, Crystal, is wonderful, and my husband and I were thoroughly able to enjoy our wedding day!

Crystal helped confirm and coordinate with all of my vendors, from florist, to photobooth, to dessert.  We designed a custom menu which had black cod instead of salmon, and sweet potato fries instead of potatoes.  All of these dishes were excellently prepared and we received many compliments from our guests regarding the food.

On the day of, Crystal kept an extremely close eye on the flow of events to ensure everything went smoothly.  From cocktail hour to serving dishes to even finding room for unanticipated guests, PAHGCC handled it all.  For example, when Crystal noticed the line for dessert growing a bit longer than anticipated, she subtly checked whether I would be OK pushing the cake cutting back a bit.

PAHGCC gave us a warm, inviting venue for 180 guests, very serviceable waitstaff willing to accommodate all of our last minute needs, and a lovely golf course setting.

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