Palm Valley Country Club

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This is our third year with the summer membership and we truly adore everything about this country club, from the gate security to the superb locker room.  The wonderful ladies behind the counter in the gym always recognize us and are super friendly.  We have been participating in the yoga class with Star and I can't explain how wonderful the class has been for my daughter!!  She is stronger, more confident and ready to go back to school with great posture.  We will definitely be considering extending our membership this year!  Thank you for all you do Palm Valley!

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After a long search for a wedding venue, both my sister and I held our weddings at Palm Valley Country Club back in June. Kerry and her team were just so wonderful to work with! Kerry was very accommodating and worked well with our budget. Her team was so much fun and helpful. Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a venue.
Thank you Palm Valley Country Club!

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We held our wedding reception here last October and let me just tell you that Kerry and the team at Palm Valley Country Club were just wonderful!!! They were so wonderfully nice, gracious, and super accommodating!  

From the initial stages, Kerry was just so great to work with! She was never pushy and was always upfront when it came down to cost for our wedding.  Since we didn't have a redonkulous amount of money to spend, Kerry really made sure that we worked within our budget.  Not once did we feel pushed to spend more so that we could have a more "perfect" wedding.  We really appreciated how she helped us throughout the entire planning process from the menu selection right down to the minutiae detail.  She even recommended our uber fabulous florist, Gregory from My Little Flower Shop, who also helped make our wedding a beautiful, success!

Our wedding was great!! The space looked awesome! Food was amazing! Sangria was kick-ass! Everyone had such a GREAT time!!

Thank you for the great memories Palm Valley!! We wish you nothing but the best!!

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I used to come here with my parents when I was a kid (~6 years ago). I haven't been back since then. At the time, we loved the place. It was clean, safe, and offered lot of fun for a family of 4. They have a lot of tennis courts, nice gym, grill, pool, jacuzzi, and golf course. We often came down for Thanksgiving because PVCC offered a wonderful spread of a feast and you could watch the sun setting over the desert hills.  A memory I will never forget.

The grill had wonderful post-activity food. They offered awesome hot dogs with fruit on the side.  

The pool and jacuzzi, while things got a little crazy in summer, it was nice in the winter and spring.

The only part of the club we never used was the golf course. The funny thing is that I would guess that the majority of PVCC's customers come for the golf.

Our favorite part about the club was the fat free frozen yogurt they sold near the spa and lounge, lower level. They rotated their flavors often and had a wide variety.

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Great club ! Own a house here and it's wonderful ! Course is awesome and the people here are all friendly ! Come check it out the facilities are amazing....

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