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New to yelp but not to the Pali. I usually get out at least once a week.  I'm an 8 handicap that can play great or horrible depending on the day.  I like Pali for the forgiveness on the bad day and the challenge on the easy ones.  Greens are in decent shape but slow. No real rough to speak of. The only downside is the dry red dirt.
Overall well worth the money and a good fun round.

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I love this course.

It's cheap, $20 per person with your Golf ID.
It's relatively cool compared to other golf courses.
The fairways are wide and there are no water hazards which means you're less likely to lose balls.
Some people consider the hilly terrain a negative, but for me, it only adds to the challenge and sharpens my golfing skills.
And I think the scenery is beautiful.

There are only two negatives. One is that the course can get a little muddy because slight drizzling and rain showers are common. Be prepared to clean your golf balls and clubs often.

Second is that there is no proper driving range for those who like to warm up with some practice shots with their driver.

FYI, the regular restaurant is no longer open and instead a take-out version of Fatboys has replaced it. Their menu in general is nothing to email home about (who writes home nowadays?) but their beef curry was damn good.

Also, cart rental is $20.

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Want to get wet while playing golf?? If yes, play Pali! You're gauranteed to get rained on at least once while playing :P

Like everyone said, this course is one of the nicer municipal courses there are in Hawaii. The greens are good, maintained, but you're not going to get private course quality. The course is challenging enough to have fun and lose a ball, or two.

Since it does rain here a lot, its very green and lush; giving a great pictureaque location to play. I enjoy getting wet once in a while lol ;)

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As far as Honolulu Municipal courses go, this is my favorite--although I haven't tried Kahuku yet.

The greens are beautiful.

The varying elevations of the course offers its unique set of challenges as compared to other Oahu courses.  The par 3s were especially fun to play on.  It is hilly but not too hilly to use a push cart....

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I would have to say that no matter how bad I do here this is one of the nicer municipal golf courses that I've been to.  There's a lot of green grass, and not so much barren dirt patches compared to the courses on the Ewa side due to the plentiful rain at the foot of the Ko'olaus.  There's a good amount of elevation change throughout the course, and a lot of well placed trees to make things a little more interesting.  You may even encounter some chickens roaming around the course.

One thing that I noticed only after my friend pointed it out is that the women's tees are very close to the men's tees.  She definitely didn't like that aspect of the course.  It wasn't a big deal to the rest of us, though. :p

I'm sad to see that on my last visit the bar in the clubhouse wasn't there anymore.  We didn't have time to stop for a beer anyway, but for the future we'll have to find a nearby watering hole, or come prepared with coolers and chairs in the parking lot for the 19th hole.

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