Pali Golf Course

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Got in a quick game of 9 holes. Then stopped at the Fat Boy Fairway Bistro. The garlic chicken app & garlic fries were delicious. We top that off with a cold pitcher of longboard ($10.00).

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We like coming here.  Saw wild boar and her piglets.  Lots of chickens gather at some holes, funny looks like they are watching us golf, holding their breath if the ball can go on the green.  Wished it wasn't so crowded.  There's always a group ahead and behind us.  Somehow there are also Asian tourist playing too and they take a while.  Haven't seen a marshall yet.  I like the A style roof frames for rain.  Overall a rustic course with lots of good parking.

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Playing with a four some, we know the pace of play. The 3 local guys in back of us were so rude, they were hitting into us and when we let them play through we got a lecture! Hey, we paid to play and we're going as fast as the group in front. No aloha from those guys. The course was fun to play , but with all the drama I got distracted. Probably won't go back.

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Very muddy due to rain and it rains very often. i don't mind getting little wet when i'm golfing, hawaii usually have fantastic weather all around the island but when you come to pali golf course there are clouds all the time.

this is a state public course which it has a lot of hills and turns that it gets very tricky. it's not a easy course and it's very green due to weather. more rain = more green forest. for being public course it's well kept.

You can't compare this course with private owner course but sometimes i think this course is better then some private own course. i can't say where but i been to worst before. if you don't like mud or getting your shoes dirty this isn't place for you. if you don't mind getting dirty and give yourself a challenge, this might be the place for you.

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Pali public links course was the first course I ever played and learned the sport on. Played here many times in the past with good memories with Family and Friends and seen this place at it's best and worst.

Learning the game here was tough but very helpful in the development of much needed skills mentally and physically. The group of players I started with were mostly seniors and veterans to the sport. This group and others alike some how always managed to get the early morning and prime tee times every week which stirred up some controversy and triggered a major change in how tee times were processed at public even made the news in papers and on tv years ago. One of the best things I learned playing with the group was how to play fast. Being the first group out meant not holding up play and this group always tried to make it to the 19th hole in record time to booze it up, enjoy some Pupus,  share some stories and poke fun at the rookie( Me). But I paid my dues, learned fast and had the last laugh as my game improved. Lot of those Mentors are gone now and probably teeing it up on the greatest links up in the Heavens.

The course at it's best is now in it's current state with better maintained greens which is a big improvement of the once unputtable mess of the past that kept me away from this place for a long time. The fairways in my opinion is still sub par and mostly crab grass and muddy clay that prevents you from hitting clean shots off of. The sand bunkers need more sand and be cleared of stones and debris. The highlight of the course would be the course set up,the majestic Ko olau mountains and beautiful natural environment of trees and flora. An occasional sighting of wildlife like chickens, Jackson Chameleons and even wild boars are common and adds to the course's unspoiled natural beauty.
The course has ample parking,a modest dining area and snack bar, a pro shop with reasonably priced  merchandise  and an unmarked practice area to the left of the road leading up to the building created and used mostly by the Local regulars and is a popular after golf hangout.

If you are a local resident and want to take advantage of the much lower rates you'll need a golf card which can be attained at the starter's window.

So tee it and rip it.....and most of all just remember "It's only a game"!

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