Oxmoor Country Club

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Employees leave early, pool hours are not open when posted.

Food cost twice the normal amount, quality is average

Membership fees increase without notice

Clubhouse is extremely out of date and rundown.

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Thieves.  Used oxmoor country club for my brothers wedding reception. When the wedding party arrived via party bus we had to get everything off the bus before going in and being introduced.  I put a cooler full of beer, water, red bull, and liquor on the side of the building so I could come back later to get it.  After being introduced I came back down to put the cooler in a relatives car and it was gone.   I spoke with Laura, who was in charge and she was quite unpleasant with me and informed me that the cooler and all it's contents were now her property!   She proceeded to give out everything in the cooler to her staff.  She stole about $150 worth of drinks and when I pressed he issue to get my property back she threatened to have me removed by police.  Laura was very unprofessional, unpleasant, and rude!

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My wife and I recently went here for a wedding and it was beautiful. The grounds are well kept and the facilities are great for a wedding reception. The view we had while watching the wedding ceremony was absolutely stunning!

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I can't believe this place is a country club. The greens and fairways are easily the worst conditions I've played in Louisville for awhile. I know we have had hot weather but this was unacceptable. Don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.

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I was at a wedding reception here last weekend. The best thing about this reception were the bride and groom, who are wonderful people and probably would have had a good time if the reception was done in a back alley... I am not from Louisville, nor am I planning a wedding/reception here. But if you are, you should know these things:

1. The food was terrible. I know, wedding/reception food is rarely good. The cocktail hour food was cold and gross. For the sit down dinner, the chicken was dry and covered with "crab". The "beef tips" looked like some grey beef stroganoff. The broccoli was overcooked, minced and cooked with cheese then plopped on the plate. The asparagus was horrid.  I am not sure if  you can have your own catering, but if you can you should.

2. The ballroom is awkwardly shaped.  Our table was literally around a corner, we couldn't see anything.  They probably should have put the wine bar there.

3. The waitstaff was not on their jobs.  During the toasts/cake cutting they did not bus any of the tables. That horrible chicken just sat on the tables looking sorry for the rest of the night (and we partied a long time!)

4. It is difficult to get to, It is one of those country clubs that is in a neighborhood. so you have to cut through many Mc Mansions and dodge cul-de-sacs to get to it.

The best part was the bar was continuously stocked and the couple's "signature cocktail" was good... woo hoo alcohol!!  

But really, unless you are a member of the club, or nothing else fits your budget, you should look elsewhere.

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