Overland Park Golf Club

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I had a 2pm tee time on a mild Dec 29. When we went to the golf cart pick up area, we found about 18 men waiting for carts. It was 1:30 and there was at least eight golfers who were past their tee time, but no cart. The manager came out to apologize, stating he had sent 30 carts to be winterized. They didn't expect such nice weather. A golfer commented he played in Flagstaff the week before and the weather wasn't as nice. The manager joked that maybe he should be charging more. REALLY!! Maybe they shouldn't be charging for carts that they don't have!  I walked nine and went home.

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Played Par 3 today. They charged $7.50 per person to use one cart, which is ridiculous when there's two of us sharing one cart. The course was busy today so to play 9 holes, it took almost 2 hours simply because you'd have to wait for others to finish their round.

Also, there isn't a strict dress code where other places might have, like wearing a polo t-shirt, etc. Definitely a good place to go to when you are a beginner though.

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Best bang for the buck public course I know of in the JoCo area.

The driving range here is in better condition than most. Grass can be a bit high, but it's usually not a problem. Great spot to get warmed up for the course.

There are 3 courses to choose from. The North, South, and West links. I personally prefer playing on the South and West links, however if you are trying to fit in a round of 18, you may want to stick to the North & South. The west links are off-premesis, however you can reach them via a very clearly defined cart path that actually tunnel's under Quivira. Takes about 3 to 5 minutes to reach the West links.

Playing surface here is very nice and extremely well maintained. Tee boxes are very easy to hit out of due to the abundance of nice, short grass. As far as the fairways, they are also very well maintained. The roughs here are high and can be a challenge.

Greens are in great condition and damage is kept to a minimum.

Nice place to fit in a game!

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