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This place is amazing!! Just had my wedding and couldnt be happier with my selection!! The food was incredible, the decor was amazing, and the staff made my planning stress-free!! Celena and Jeremy were amazing after everything I had already been through with the previous personal. Family and friends could not get over the views and the service that OCC offered. I am so happy I found this venue to celebrate such an important day!!

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Went here for a wedding. The venue is BEAUTIFUL! Very pretty. Has lovely views and the architecture is elegant. I especially loved the bar ;)

HOWEVER- the layout of the venue makes it incredibly hard to view the bride and groom unless you're sitting in the same room as them. There are lot of walls that divide the whole place making it hard to really focus (or even see) the bride and groom which is kind of the whole point of the wedding, right? Even worse for the guests in the weird narrow hallway "behind" the couple. The dance floor was placed in the divide between the bar and the reception hall, which was narrow and small itself and again, due to the walls and dividers, you were forced to crowd in the doorways, which was kinda awkward.

In short, the place is beautiful but the layout is very isolating and awkward for a wedding.

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I was at the Orinda Country Club for a family wedding.  The grounds and the view are very nice.  The building has a lot of character, but the wedding ceremony was held in what seemed to be a large hallway or small ante room..long and narrow.  The chairs were set up in small rows on both ends, and the ceremony occurred in the middle.  It was unusual.  

The appetizers that were passed around before the meal were infrequent and uninspired...a cracker with a small dollop of some kind of walnut cheese, a small pastry cup with a bright orange filling that was some type of spicy cheese, chicken skewers, and braised ahi on a cracker.  I only tried the first two.  They were okay...not that great.

The dinner food was okay...edible, but nothing special.  I had the vegetarian entree, which consisted of five or six small butternut squash raviolis in a light broth with a few bits of carrot and mushroom.  The broth was flavorful but the raviolis themselves were bland.  There was also a salad and rolls with butter.  The rolls were delicious, and if it were not for them, I would have left very hungry.

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We echo the other reviewers!  We loved holding our wedding here.  Beautiful venue. Breathtaking architecture.   Wonderful and supportive staff! Great wedding coordinators and planners onsite.  Very helpful with local vendors to consider.  In short, they helped pull through a wonderful day for us!  And just as importantly, Marianne and her team made the process easy.

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If you havent visited this place then please do. Located at the foothills of Orinda with some lovely Spanish architecture this place rocks!!!!! Finally if you have decided to give this place a try then don't miss the food there. The chicken dishes specially are made to perfection. They also have a huge variety of alcohol. Ask the waiter around and take suggestion on which drinks to choose with your food. They are very good with their suggestions and in my case have never proved wrong.
Golfing - The landscaping is absolutely fabulous and contoured amazingly. The grounds are hard and fast and it took me 7 holes to get used to it. But past that the game was quite good. So overall a well spent time.
Bathroom is the place that always gives me the first and best impression of the place and whether I should visit it again or not. This place has never disappointed me in that sense. Whichever time of the day you enter the bathroom it's sparkling, dry floors and there is a soothing fragrance which shows that it is cleaned periodically without fail.
I would give this place 4 stars an extra star for the super clean and sparkling bathrooms.

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