Orchards Golf Club

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This course is essentially pro calibur.  The only reason you don't see many tournaments being played here is the fact that its too tight to get a large crowd into.  Its buried in the woods in my home town of South Hadley, MA.

The course is private, so you'll need to know a member to get on.  Its fairly expensive even if you do.  If you end up playing here, though, you'll be treated to one of the best 18 holes you can play in Massachusetts.  This course is very well maintained, and very challenging.  There are almost no holes that you can survive with an innacurate tee shot.

The course itself is very long, and has difficult shots around its very protected greens.  The course was designed by Donald Ross, and you can see some of his trademark elements still in the design.  If you' have enough money to become a member here, I would seriously consider it.

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