Orchard Vali Golf Club

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Country wedding destination. If you're from city or suburbs, it will take you a little getting used to, but one thing is for sure, you will have a great time.

This is definitely rural upstate NY small towns little restaurants old farmhouses and lots of charm.  

The venue is on a gold course so you can plan for a nice round. Plenty big enough and well done for what you would expect. Food was pretty good but the people were excellent. When everyone gets together dancing and drinking it gets real fun real quick.

Had a great time here and a great wedding all in all.

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In 2006, we made the drive for the Sunday Buffet, $12.95, at this pleasant golf club setting; we sat in its rear dining room over-looking the course. The food prompted a YES vote then despite the concurrent wedding and reception going on. But, though neither the menu nor the price had changed, the preparation did!

A fresh fruit mix and cold salads were OK, but, tasteless peel & eat shrimp, sad corn bread and only O.J., coffee or tea were a poor start. The steamer table gave the most disappointment with a pile of Eggs Benedict made with thin, cheap ham on an un-risen blob of dough instead of an English muffin. There was decent sausage and bacon, French toast strips and lame pancakes. Further along we found poor roast potatoes with wrinkled skins, reddish, salty roast chicken, edible fresh green beans, salty carved ham and decent roast beef.

Later, a large group came in and we waited at least a half an hour for our check. As we were telling our waitress about the troubled food, she just walked away to wait on other customers!

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