Olde Scotland Links

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Pretty good design. Awful condition! Tees very bad shape. Fairways average at best. Greens below average. Slow and grainy. You might as well walk this course cause you pay for 18 holes and cart and still end up walking 9 cause every fairway is roped off for most of it. Will not play here again, not worth the $60 to ride. Which is a shame cause the layout is pretty good.

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Nice layout. Slow play on weekends. Greens should be better for $69 weekend rate.

Still like the course and play it at least once a year.

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I love this course. I regularly played golf here for years until I moved out of the area  (every Saturday at 7:30am) with a great group of women - we were the first female foursome to play this course on a regular basis. In the middle of winter, when I daydream about playing a round,  this is my go-to course in my head! I wish I could play here every week still, but I make a road trip here to play a couple of times a season just to sate my OSL jones.

Nice setup from car to cart. The course is challenging enough to make it playable for beginners with some skills to advanced players with a good long game. I play woods and wedges and have had great rounds here as well as depressingly killer rounds, it all just depends how you set your shots up to the rolling, sometimes tricky greens.

The first three holes will move you along to get things going, then it's all up to you! With five sets of tees it's easy to find your level, and  listen to the rangers for advice; if they approach you it means you need to speed it up a little. I have to say it - use common sense. Just because you have extra T does NOT mean god meant for you to play the back tee. With wide open fairways and long approaches it can pay here to play like a girl, hitting straight and hopefully long.If you can't make it to most greens in 2 or 3 then you might consider playing the middle tees. It's not shameful to move up a little, it makes the game more fun for you and everyone around you!

If you choose your tee correctly and play smartly you'll have 18 holes carded in just about 4 hours, depending on the play speed of those around you. I think the 18th hole is worth the whole ride, with a long & straight yet deceptive fairway - be careful of the sand on the left off the tee that you'll overlook because of the sand on the right! Get over the fescue and approach the green boldly - bang it up and get on or you'll roll back and get caught up in a hollow that will give you agita like no other!

Play until the snow flies and the course closes, winter golf here is only helped by ice on the water holes!

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Course is fun for those recreational players. Beware of slow play (5 hr rounds are not uncommon)and lack of etiquette as there are many newbies and people who just don't know the game. It's a wide open easy course so naturally the course attracts that type of player.   Condition I give a B- to considering the amount of play and lack of player maintenance to bunker raking, divot replacement and ball marks in the green that we're not fixed.  I play here every now and then for fun but that's it.  I'm writing this review because I got a call to go there today and persuaded my group to go somewhere else to play.

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