Old Westbury Golf & Country Club

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This is a beautiful country club with top notch service and grounds!  I can't speak for the golf but came here for a bridal shower and was very impressed with everything.  The long drive up to the main clubhouse gives you a sense of how large the private property once was.  

As you pull up and arrive, you are immediately given a ticket for valet parking.  Upon entering the house, walking up the grand staircase you are amazed at the beauty and details of the decor.  

The food was excellent.  We had a wonderful assortment of salads, omelets, waffles, baked breads and delicious pastries.  I left completely full.  

I loved spending the day here and can't wait to be back!

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Holy cow, I have come to the conclusion that 9 out of 10 people wielding golf clubs actually suck at the game...  I came to this conclusion after almost being beaned a few times after spending the day at a charity golf outing at the Old Westbury Country Club.

The grounds and buildings are almost exactly what you might expect - 200 acres of gorgeous and immaculately landscaped rolling hills with amazing views of long island.  This used to be part of the Whitney estate back in the Gold Coast days and all I can say is wow, they really knew how to live.

There are 3 nine-hole courses (27 holes for you mathematically disinclined) which keep the action moving as it can accommodate a lot of the aforementioned bad golfers.  I had an absolutely great time there and it was for a good cause, so it made the day even more worthwhile.

The courses are challenging with plenty of bunker action, trees, doglegs and the like.  I looked but didn't see any gophers though.  The buildings are spectacular and immediately bring the old Caddyshack movie to mind.  Lots of old wood but actually, not too stuffy looking inside.   The mens locker rooms were better than any hotel I've been in.  It was an all day event from breakfast to dinner and the showers were more than welcome after sweating out there all day.  

The rear patio served as a huge cocktail party area complete with a wall (I do mean a WALL) of lobster tails, huge shrimp, oysters, sushi and the like.  Cocktails all around then the usual round of guest speakers and such made the day complete.

The Old Westbury Country Club is a private club and I have no idea what it takes to get in there or how much it costs, but it certainly is going to be out of reach for most of us.  Sadly, I just don't have that kind of money, nor do I play much golf - so I'll limit myself to outings etc.

Plenty of private parking and those electric carts have some excellent torque for getting up and down some of the trails.  

Worth a look if you have the dinero...

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