Old River Golf Course

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I wish I didn't have to give one star...

I've been playing here for 14 years. Have all my friends come out to play here. Played many tournaments and quite honestly enjoyed playing here. Sure the course is less than desirable, but it was close to home and inexpensive.

Today however, was the last day I will ever step foot on this course.  I figured I'd get loose after work today to prepare for my tournament at Black Hawk Country Club this coming Monday...the woman "running" the course (Andrea I believe) is extremely rude and unprofessional.

I'd love to speak with owner regarding his niece that is supposed to be running his business for him.

This course has been going downhill for years and seems to be near it's end.

She has lost the business more than one customer for life, I will not step foot on this course again. Nor will I be recommending it as a place for anyone to go.

Jack Tone Golf in Ripon is much nicer and close enough to Tracy.

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Tournament time! Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. NCGA qualifying rounds today and tomorrow let's see what happens here top four scores getting all expense paid trip down to Monterey

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Came out early on a Saturday morning, used a coupon they had on the internet.  Was really surprised that the course was in the shape it was in.  Liked the greens, fairways could always use a little care, but all in all the course was in pretty good shape.  Was really surprised when we went to get a coke, $1.00 says the guy behind the counter, ,WHAT???   So cheap, kudos to them.   We will for sure be back again.

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My hubby, sister and Dad came here on a Sunday to play.  My Dad hit his ball into an adjacent field to the golf course which he didn't know was private property.  The owner came out with a rifle, pointed it at my Dad and threatened him to get off his property.  Obviously, my Dad got out of there as soon as possible to avoid a crazy, trigger happy SOB's ridiculous antics.  He reported it to the club house/ owners and they proceeded to defend the SOB's actions.  Needless, to say our family will not return or recommend this place to anyone in fear of their safety which the golf course owners quite frankly don't care about.  Fence it off perhaps? Put signs up? Maybe put a little effort to protect your patrons???? I guess not - just defend an SOB for threatening and pointing gun while someone was looking for their golf ball.... I am shocked!

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Here's the deal, if you are a true golfer you get what you pay for. Here for $25 on the weekend and $15 on the weekday you get a round of golf with a cart. What were you expecting, Pebble Beach? This place is a terrific bargain and perfect for a beginner or bogey golfer.
The front 9 is flat and yes the fairways can use some real grass instead of the hard surface but the greens are kept in great shape and you can putt from the fringe. Go for it on the drivable ninth hole! When you get to the back nine the character of the course changes. Fairways zig-zag, water hazards and tough greens. Play a smart game and you can score well, get sloppy and pay the price.
Overall, great price, nice staff and an enjoyable round. Though its a drive for me I always come back.

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