Old Natchez Country Club

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This beautiful place hidden in Franklin is a fabulous place for a wedding.

The Good:

1) The whole building is great for photos but the view overlooking the golf course is incredible. You can have your ceremony outside on the course or (If rain ruining your awesome outside ceremony is your biggest fear like mine was) inside in a room with the EXACT same view.

2) You don't have to be a member to get married here and it isn't an overpriced venue like some other country clubs.

3) The food was excellent. They have packages that can pretty much cater to anything. Buffet? Check. Sit down meal? Check. Beef, Chicken, Fish AND vegetarian options? You've got it.

4) You can both your ceremony AND reception here. This was the biggest thing we were looking for and were super excited to know you can have both rooms.

5) There is a locker room area where everyone can get ready. Another BIG plus.

The Only Bad (and reason for taking away 1 star):

The party stops at 10:45. My family likes to party late so all the late night folks had to continue the celebration elsewhere. If you are planning an afternoon wedding or you've had enough celebrating  by 10:30ish then its no big deal.

Definitely add this as a place to at least check out while searching for wedding venues. Hopefully you'll be as pleasantly surprised as we were!

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