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Buyer beware! I booked a catered affair and the portions of food were outrageous. The toasted ravioli appetizers are priced two per person (2pp on invoice) and the dollar roll sandwiches(1 1/2pp) are very thin slice turkey on 90% piece of French bread. Read invoice (they call a signed contract that is emailed to you and I never signed) very carefully white linens did not include chair coverings that was not made clear at the booking that it was extra.

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Everything about this course is nice.  The tee boxes are perfect, the greens have significant contouring, the fairways are pristine, the rough is thick.  And the clubhouse is just as nice.

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Good food, but service was slow.

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I wish I had the option to give no stars, because I don't even think the Old Hickory restaurant deserves it!
I came to The Bistro Restaurant at Old Hickory with some ladies for a work lunch. We arrived at noon with a reservation and were quickly seated, but were unable to order our meal until 12:30 for no explicable reason. We ordered soups and salads to try to hurry our meal along. At 12:45, one of the ladies left without eating so she could attend a prior engagement, and all she had ordered was soup. We did not receive our food until 1 pm, a full hour after we had arrived, and again, all we had were soups and salads. The only explanation we received for the delay was that a 40 top had entered their meals ahead of us. We were not warned of the 40 top when we sat down. We would have ordered immediately had we known. At the very least, the kitchen could have prepared our meals before the 40 top or in conjunction with the 40 top rather than making us wait for them to throw some lettuce on a plate or ladle soup into a bowl.

We naturally requested to speak with the Manager, who gave us the brush off claiming he "did not have the authority" to comp us our meal, and offered us coupons for our next visit. These coupons were being given to everyone that day as a holiday promotion. To add insult to injury, not only were we charged full price for our meals, we were then charged 20% gratuity for requesting to have separate checks.

Before leaving, our server was nice enough to track down the owner for us, and when we offered our complaint to him, he opened his wallet and offered us cash for our trouble! I am not a prostitute. I will not accept cash from the fat cat country club owner's wallet. At the very least he could have offered us a complimentary meal for our next visit. A coupon for a meal, or going into the computer system to offer us compensation would have been much more professional and appreciated.

I will never eat at the country club again. I am appalled at the level of service I was provided. The experience was totally unprofessional and insulting.

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If you've never been to Old Hickory, you're missing out!

I had never heard of this golf course until my cousin got married and had her reception there a couple of years ago. The wedding was perfection! It seemed as though everything went off without a hitch! Being a guest, I enjoyed the food, music, and view of the golf course.

Skipping ahead a few years...my employer decided to purchase a membership to the golf course (he tells me and his wife it was because we needed a nice, reliable place to host our district meetings and holiday parties....but let's be honest! It was so he could play golf!) As the coordinator of the said events, the membership has been a blessing!

The events coordinator, Jen Champion, is awesome! My employer can change his mind about things at the drop of a hat and Jen has always been flexible with us (thank goodness!) The staff are always friendly and so helpful! We usually utilize the Magnolia Room, which is just the right size to host our district meetings without it feeling too cramped or too large. The beverage setups always allow everyone an option of tea, coffee, and water, which is nice.

We've also had our holiday party there as well, which was very impressive. The staff waited on everyone in a professional manner and were friendly to our guests.....which always makes us look good as well. :)

Now let's talk food.....I've never had one bad thing here. Ever. I always get their Cobb salad for lunch, which is enough to feed two. I've had dinner there as well and everything has always been amazing! You don't even need to be a member to eat at the cafe, which is what I like the most!

I've never played the course, but my husband has. If you're looking for a challenge, this is definitely the course to play!

Old Hickory also offers a ton of friendly events as well, which is nice when the parents want to have some time with friends.

All in all, this is a very good place to belong to and I highly recommend it!

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