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I have attended numerous meals and events at OCG&CC across the past 12+ years.   I have had some really spectacular meals there.  Tonight's food was just ok, but it's the inattentive service at the front desk (coat check) that shocked me!  I know the place well enough I should have just walked past the front and right into the dining room where I was pretty sure my event would be held.  Instead, I did the right thing and stopped to ask if that's where my group was meeting.  They didn't recognize the name of the sponsoring group as I described it.  Instead of reading the list of booked events going on, the woman just declared there's no group like that here now.  I was essentially turned away because of their inattention to detail.

I got back in my car, drove to my office to double-check the invitation and time.  Then I phoned in, now with more confidence that I do not have the wrong venue.  This time the woman actually "read" the list to me, and I recognized the group immediately.  Why hadn't she done that before??  When I walked through the front door the 2nd time, the woman was all defensive, and wanted to blame the group -- that they had not given a full & complete description of the event.  This fiasco made me 45 minutes late to the event.  Then, once I got to my table another couple admitted they, too, had a similar conversation with her and they almost believed it until they just persisted and figured out they're in the right place.  Pardon me OCG&CC, but I will never again check with your staff.  I will just look around on my own, thank you!!

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This place is SWANK.

Good luck affording a membership though.

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Order the playboy rare with a club special. Thats all you need to know.

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