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My review is of the Scarlet Golf Course.

It's a bit early to be all excited over playing an 18-hole round at the Ohio State University's Alistair McKenzie design golf course.  Yet each and every time I step to the No. 1 tee box I realize I'm about to play one of the TOP 5 college courses in the nation.

"Scarlet" takes no prisoners.  The course demands every skill set a golfer can muster.  Length?  Plenty - she'll open at 6,500 and stretch out to over 7,400 if you want to try the Web.com pro tees.  Accuracy?  Jack Nicklaus did a make-over of the bunkering about 6 - 7 years ago.  They are deep.  They are plentiful and they are unrelenting. Beauty?  Three of the Front 9 holes play over water/lake.  Five of the Back 9 holes cross over Turkey Run Creek and change elevation dramatically.  Greens?  "Scarlet" has some of the largest, most subtly undulating monsters in all of the Midwest.  Quick quick quick, too.

To play "Scarlet" you have to have some kind of affiliation with Ohio State (student, alumni, Life Member, employee, etc.)  The golf course allows carts and is a real challenge for walkers, especially the Back 9 holes.

If your game is solid and you want the REAL DEAL - visit OSU and play Scarlet Course.  Love it!

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i will give the scarlet course props.  the layout is pretty straight forward.  the greens are meduim to large'ish, reasonable undulation but not over done.  now for the rest of it, i guess Jack did a remodel of the bunkers, in my opinion they didnt flow with the rest of the track.  so i feel the they are "Jacked up!!! "  LOL!!!       he just made it a little to tricked up (for my taste)  the best thing is that they hold a nationwide tour event there, which helps the community.  oh yea, do me a favor and DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT PLAYING FROM THE BACK TEE'S   YOU AINT THAT GOOD!!!!!!!  leave that for the Pro's
please fix your ball marks and your divots


yes, i know Jack is your native son, so i dont want to hear it.   thanks

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